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The P.volve Effect: Quay's Reclamation of Her Body
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The P.volve Effect: Quay's Reclamation of Her Body

At P.volve, we love hearing about members’ progress and seeing how they’re crushing our workouts. These members, near and far, are giving the P.volve community some major inspo through their incredible transformations. 

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Before P.volve, Quay knew pain all too well. Countless injuries and surgeries left her with very few workouts that catered to her needs.  

But when Quay found our method, she started seeing and feeling results within two weeks: activated glutes, better mobility and a method she could commit to for the long haul. 

What were your initial goals when first starting to do P.volve consistently? 

When I first started doing P.volve consistently, I was looking for something that would strengthen my body, reduce pain, and increase functionality.  I was not seeking something that would make me buff and beautiful in a swimsuit. All I wanted was to feel better. I was seeking something that would help me gain mobility and ability back so that I could do and enjoy simple things such as walking more than a mile with my family, hiking, gardening, tending to my home and doing things like vacuuming and scrubbing the showers with more ease. These may seem simple, mundane and trivial, but gardening is something that used to bring me great joy, and prior to P.volve it was bringing me great pain. I wanted and needed to find a way to help heal my hips post Bilateral Total Hip Replacements and to gain core strength so I could get back to the fun of living! 

What does your P.volve routine consist of? 

Thus far, I have only used on-demand workouts. My weekly routine consists of mixing things up with upper body, lower body, sculpting and cardio burn, also with some flexibility and recovery work. I love getting my heart rate up and sweating while keeping things tight, controlled, and with attention to the detail and form of the movement. 

Favorite piece of equipment, movements or on-demand video? 

I really love working with the p.3 trainer the best. It is a brilliant design! I get so much out of it in all areas and can modify as needed with the longer strap versus the shorter strap and the two places to hook onto the ball. I am amazed at the upper body burn I get when using it! And the core strength necessary to rotate when using the ball and band.   

My second favorite piece of equipment is the p.ball. I love how it works the inner and outer thighs by keeping everything engaged the entire time when using it. The added benefit for me with the p.ball is that it helps me keep my form in my p.sit. 

When did you know that P.volve was working for you and your goals? Did you have an "aha" moment? 

While I felt a noticeable difference in my body after two workouts with P.volve, it was when I was scrubbing my shower two weeks after doing P.volve consistently that I had my big "aha" moment. I was on my hands and knees, just doing the mundane task of scrubbing, and I could do it with ease and without pain. The following day, I had the same experience when I got on my hands and knees to weed my garden. I continue to have "aha" moments every day, now. I have had to take a couple of days off twice due to medical issues and my pain crept back in. Both times that has happened, about midway through my next first workout, I can feel the pain in my hips melt away ... and it stays away. 

Also, I have been in intense functional physical therapy for over a year. I have been consistent with my program and my progress has been slow. But after one week of doing P.volve (and this continues to happen with each visit with my PT now), my PT changed my program because I had made so much progress in that one week. I said I was happy about the progress I was making, and she said she was happy about my butt—a group of muscles we have been trying to get engaged over this past year plus! One week of P.volve had done more for engaging my glutes in such a short time.   

What were the unexpected results you saw and felt? 

Since my total hip replacements, I have not been able to side sleep without considerable pain that wakes me.   

While improving my sleep was not a goal for me when starting P.volve, it was another "aha" moment for me when I realized I slept through the night without any hip pain waking me for the first time. 

I also did not have balance on my list of goals, but my stability has improved immensely.  And ... honestly, I am more pleased with what I see when I put on my swimsuit!   

Additionally, my husband and my oldest daughter have tapped in and are enjoying P.volve, too.  My husband is a reluctant about exercise and has sore hips. He has a labral tear, kind of like Maeve. His hips are so much better with P.volveAnd my daughter had abdomino-pelvic surgery recently. The first exercise that she did once she was able was a P.volve prenatal workout because it was gentle on her belly as she was just trying to get moving again (once cleared by her physician). 

Why do you continue to do P.volve? 

I continue to do P.volve because it helps me keep enjoying my life. I can do more without pain with regular P.volve. I continue to do P.volve because I feel like it is giving me back my life, the things that I love and am passionate about that was struggling to do due to pain, dysfunction, and immobility. I continue to do P.volve because I feel so much better than when I started the program. I look forward to it every single day! 

Aside from the physical aspect, how did the workouts help you mentally or emotionally? 

After 8 surgeries in 18 months, including two thoracic surgeries and two total hip replacements, and then a third hip replacement because one of them failed, I was simply limited for fitness.  Period. There was so very little that I could do for exercise.   

For contextprior to all of that, fitness was a major keystone of my life. I majored in Kinesiology in college and I have incorporated 1-2 hours of devoted sweat-producing exercise 5-7 days a week since I was in middle school. Exercise was my go-to way to finish stress responses and my chosen way to burn off the pressures of life. I missed it more than I can put into words. I love walking, but that was really all I could do, and even that hurt if I walked more than a mile. I think I got sad. Now, I feel like I am burning through years of stress and I find myself calmer and happier. I feel like myself again. My head and my heart feel better all of the time, not just when I am exercising. I do not feel "less than" as I exercise with P.volve, even when I am modifying an exercise to fit me. Your trainers are wonderful and they elevate my mood with their encouragement on the videos. 

How do you think the workouts will continue to help you recover and become stronger in the future? 

One of the things I love most about P.volve is that the more I do it, the better I get at it, the harder I can make it, the better I get at it, the harder I can make it ... and so on.  

The first workout I did was a Foundational 30 minute workout with Zach and the p.ball.  I struggled and I sweated and made it through. I have since done that workout again a few times.  The second time, it was easier and I felt good about that. The next time, I was able to bend more, take wider steps, squeeze harder, and employ more muscles, which made it harder and I sweated and struggled... and it was so good! Also, there is such a variety of workouts, that there is always a way to challenge myself with P.volve. Ultimately, I think and hope that the workouts will continue to help my hips heal by gaining greater mobility and strength.