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The P.volve Effect: How Andrea Recovered from Injury & Regained Balance
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The P.volve Effect: How Andrea Recovered from Injury & Regained Balance

At P.volve, we love hearing about clients’ progress and seeing how they’re crushing our workouts. These members, near and far, are giving the P.volve community some major inspo through their incredible transformations. Have a great story about your P.volve journey? Email to share it!  

When recovering from an injury, it can feel impossible to find a workout method that accounts for your health concerns while still giving you the physical results you’re looking for. We caught up with member Andrea on some of the non-scale victories she's found since starting P.volve — from finding balance (literally!) to having an outlet to clear her head. 

Read on to learn how Andrea regained her strength, in more ways than one, through P.volve.  

What were your initial goals when first starting to do P.volve consistently?  

My initial goals in starting to do P.volve consistently were to lose weight, but also to strengthen my Achilles tendon from an injury that I had. I wanted to start moving again and get to a healthier place post-injury. I needed a low-impact workout in order to do those things, and P.volve was the perfect fit for me.  

What does your P.volve routine consist of?  

My P.volve routine consists of working out 5-6 days a week with workouts ranging from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. I mix it up by doing on-demand videos and Live Virtual Studio workouts. I also used to do a private training session with Dani every other week.  

When did you know that P.volve was working for you and your goals? Did you have an "aha" moment?  

I knew that P.volve was working for me two months into the program when I started to see not only weight loss, but non-scale victories as well. I started losing inches, and I was starting to gain more balance and stability. That was truly my “aha” moment — when I could balance on my left leg for much longer than I was previously able to.  

What were the unexpected results you saw and felt?  

My unexpected results were reflected in the way that I walked. After my injury, I walked with a limp, and after a couple of months of P.volve, I’d strengthened my Achilles to the point that there was no tightness that caused me to limp when I walked. I felt more energy daily when I worked out. I also felt more of a calmness come over me. I was less anxious during my workday if I worked out that morning, or I would feel more relaxed at night if I worked out after work.  

Why do you continue to do P.volve?  

I continue P.volve not just because of the physical results, but because I enjoy the workouts. They challenge me, and they allow my mind and body to be in sync. I like that I have to think through the moves. The trainers are always keen to remind you to check in with your body, and while you might not nail the full range of motion at the beginning, with practice and time, you will get there. P.volve has helped me to essentially check in with me. It has allowed me to learn more about the way my body can move and the way that the muscles connect and work together.  

Favorite piece of equipment, movements, or on-demand video?  

My favorite piece of equipment is the p.3 trainer. I love the way that it can activate many different muscles and the fact that just one piece of equipment can make for a full-body workout. My favorite movements are standing abs. It takes balance, and I love that these movements help me perfect my balance while working my abs at the same time. My favorite on-demand videos are the Mat Definition videos. Those challenge my core strength, and I love it.  

Aside from the physical aspect, how did the workouts help you mentally/emotionally?  

P.volve has helped me in so many ways mentally. Working out clears my head, allows me to relax, and calms my anxious mind. I feel a lot more balanced when I work out. Working out in the morning sets the perfect tone for my day, energizes me and keeps me on track, while working out at night relaxes me and allows me to destress before bed.  

How do you think the workouts will continue to help you recover and become stronger in the future? 

I believe that with each workout and continuing this journey, I will be able to totally regain strength and balance from my injury, and with each passing day, I feel stronger. P.volve builds onto each workout and I feel as though I gain more strength the more I continue. P.volve challenges me and in turn, I challenge myself to do much more than I realized I was capable of.