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The Best Ways to Access Your Workouts From Home, Straight From a Trainer
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The Best Ways to Access Your Workouts From Home, Straight From a Trainer

In an age where seemingly everything has gone digital, the options for getting a workout in seem endless. And like anything else, more variety may mean a more difficult choice to make to find the workout that works best for you. 

Here at P.volve, we offer two different ways for you to get your at-home sculpt on: on-demand or in the Live Virtual Studio. Our on-demand platform gets you access to hundreds of workouts at the drop of a hat. Want to get started with a 30-day series? A 50-minute workout? Or a quick no-equipment boost? You can find all of that (and so much more) by filtering through workouts on demand. The Live Virtual Studioon the other hand, brings more of the in-person studio experience home. Think high-energy music, real-time feedback from your trainer and the real-time connection that makes moving together in the studio so special. 

If you’re not sure which is best for you, Kimmie has you covered. As a Lead Trainer, she knows firsthand just how different these two experiences can be. Read on for Kimmie’s tips on the difference between on-demand workouts and Live Virtual Studio workouts before making both part of your everyday routine. 


Busy go-getters can rejoice, because on-demand workouts were made for you. This format is going to fit into your color-coded schedule with no questions asked. On-demand is also great for frequent travelers looking to access videos anytime, anywhere.

And speaking of time, one of my favorite features on on-demand is the pause button. Does your boss have a sixth  sense for when you’re mid-workout and always shoots you a text or decides to give you a ring while you’re wiping off sweat? When working out on demand, you can just hit pause, take the call, and then get back to business (you know, the fun kind!)   


Knowing what gets you excited and energized is a huge factor in staying consistent and accountable. The best workout for you is that one that you actually do. Need a date, time, and a live trainer looking at you through a screen to put in your best efforts? Then consider taking a class in the Live Virtual Studio. Your trainers and their bumpin’ playlists are equipped with all the motivation you could possibly need to succeed. Not to mention, you can always click “gallery view” on your Zoom screen to see every other badass member working out from all over the world right alongside you. Talk about motivation! 


I know some of you may be thinking, “But Kimmie, I do not want to be seen when I workout”. To that I say, totally fine! Our classes are always a safe space. In the LVS, you can choose to go with or without your camera on. Either way you will have a ton of fun and break a sweat while you’re at it. 


In our on-demand library you can tailor your next workout down to the equipment, level, body focus and benefit, instructor, and duration. You can choose what class type you do, too, with every option from Strength & Sculpt to Mat Definition. If you love predictability and the idea of LVS classes, be sure to follow your favorite trainers on Instagram to keep up to date on their upcoming classes and equipment schedule.   


At P.volve, we believe that you know your body best, so we do whatever we can to meet you where you are. Whether you’re rocking the LVS or making moves in on-demand, our trainers are equipped with the modifications you need. However, if you want a truly personalized approach to your P.volve class, try the Live Virtual Studio. You can privately chat with your instructor to tell them what injuries or preexisting conditions you’re experiencing, and they will do their best to tailor every move to fit your needs. 


Lead Trainer Kimmie is a professional dancer, wellness writer and trainer based
in Chicago. Kimmie loves that functional fitness is for everyone and that all 
can benefit from learning how to move with more precision, alignment, and strength. Her classes are strategically programmed, fun and energizing—just like her personality.