The Daily Commit: Improve Posture & Strengthen Your Core with This Quick Move

For the month of September, we’re here to help you recommit to your fitness and your wellness routines with The Daily Commit. Every day, we’ll share a simple task on Instagram for you to complete to pay off toward a bigger win at the end of the month—a focused, refreshed body, mind and space.   

Most of the time, we think of a core workout as a gateway to a flat stomach or chiseled abs. Turns out, our movements don’t just do that; they help with your posture, too. 

The core and the back work in unison to support each other for proper function. When the core muscles are weakened, the back suffers; when the back muscles are weakened, the core suffers. That’s why we focus on making both work together like a well-oiled machine.  

In this Exercise of the Day movement below, you'll learn how to use the p.ball and gliders together in tabletop position to contract every part of the core. With every rep, you won't just be strengthening those muscles, but also working on the major muscles in your back that help with good posture.

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