The Daily Commit: Do These 3 Moves to Reduce Inflammation

For the month of September, we’re here to help you recommit to your fitness and your wellness routines with The Daily Commit. Every day, we’ll share a simple task on Instagram for you to complete to pay off toward a bigger win at the end of the month—a focused, refreshed body, mind and space.  

Here at P.volve, we work smarter, not harder. Instead of overworking the muscles, we properly activate and stretch them, leading to a better functioning (and better feeling) body. 

In the same way that certain foods can inflame the body, certain exercises can inflame the muscles. Every move in our method contributes to the recovery of muscle function, but some in particular pay extra close attention to reducing pressure on the joints.

Below, Zach shows us his three favorite moves that focus on opening up the body—specifically, the hips and the chest. While you can use just your own body weight to hit these anti-inflammatory moves, we take advantage of the p.ball's dynamic resistance ball and straps to add a bit more stretch and burn.

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