The Daily Commit: 3 Ways to Tone Your Upper Body with Resistance

For the month of September, we’re here to help you recommit to your fitness and your wellness routines with The Daily Commit. Every day, we’ll share a simple task on Instagram for you to complete to pay off toward a bigger win at the end of the month—a focused, refreshed body, mind and space.   

Refreshing your routine isn’t just about switching up your workouts throughout the week; it could also mean finding new, innovative ways to move your body and use whatever equipment you have on hand.

The is one of those pieces that’s never short on versatility. The glove-like technology provides optimal muscle activation for the entire body, and unlike most equipment, this tool incorporates the core, back and shoulders just as much as it does the biceps and triceps. 

Below, Maeve is showing you three new moves with the that tone the entire upper body and open through the chest for better postural alignment. And the best part is, all three moves can be done comfortably kneeling on your p.mat.

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