The Importance of Combining Equipment

Our equipment works like this: it’s good alone, but better together. If you’ve streamed any of our more advanced workouts, you know what we mean. 

Every piece was designed for intense muscle activation and toning—the for the upper body, the p.ball for the lower body and so on. Use these consistently on their own, and you’re bound to see and feel changes; use these consistently together, and you’re guaranteed to see them even more.

Our equipment works well together for a couple of reasons. First, combining equipment helps target multiple areas at once—like using the and p.ball at the same time to sculpt both the upper and lower areas at the same time. Second, it helps you work everything in less time and without needing to designate certain days for certain body parts. With equipment combining, everything can work together without soreness, injury or overworking the muscles. Plus, it's just one way to progress with your workouts and advance in our method for even better results.

In class or in streaming, you might have already found your favorite equipment combos. The possibilities are endless, and it could even be fun to find versatile ways to spice up your workouts with new combinations. But one of our most recent favorites has been the p.ball with the slant board. These two pieces work so well together for because of the deep glute and thigh activation of the p.ball paired with the added angle of the slant board. Recently, trainer Alexia showed us her favorite way to use these two together in our newest #MondayMicroMovement. (As always, stability, focus and good form are the name of the game with this move!)

For more workouts that combine equipment, start streaming The Total P.volve Experience and p.sweat today. Then, be sure to keep an eye out for more #MondayMicroMovements to come on our Instagram feed.