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30-Day Transform: The August Challenge Is Here
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30-Day Transform: The August Challenge Is Here

You can set a thousand alarm clocks in the morning to work out, but nothing will be quite as convincing as having an accountability buddy to help push you out of bed. Having other people by your side in a class is supportive—it can motivate you to push through a difficult movement, understand the ins and outs of the workout, and feel confident you can *actually* get it done.

We’re all about this kind of community and support at P.volve, which is why we’re holding you accountable for the month of August. For 30 days, join our total-body transformation as part of the 30-Day Transform. Throughout the month, you’ll commit to 18 workouts, each utilizing the same P.volve method you know, love, or perhaps are new to. Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner to the program, there’s space for you on the floor next to the thousands of other women challenging themselves for the entire month. 

Of course, the challenge isn’t just about getting the workouts done. It's about utilizing our innovative equipment, challenging your body, and much more—and each little step will contribute to get you looking and feeling better at the finish line. Conveniently, it kicks off on August 1st with two ways to participate:

1. If you’re not local or just prefer to work out from home, join the challenging via our streaming platform. Here, you’ll be able to customize your workout plan and choose which 18 workouts you want to complete as part of the challenge. Even better, if you’re new to streaming, we'll give you a free trial to last the duration of the challenge so you can truly see the impact of your progress.

2. If you’re local to New York City, you can regularly attend our studio classes each week. We’ll help you track your 18 workouts over the course of 30 days.

Either way you choose, the P.volve community will be there to track your stats and answer any questions you have along the way. And as we mentioned, you’ll reap some amazing benefits at the end—like feeling more energized, increased flexibility, toned thighs, and more. We’ll want to see your progress along the way, which is why we encourage all participants to submit before and after photos of themselves. It’s not only a good indicator on where you started, but will show you your day-to-day progress that’s way more than just the physical changes to your body.

Now, for the fun stuff—the prizes and big rewards you’ll get for all your hard work:
1. Streaming finishers will receive a 1-month free streaming credit to your account.

2. Studio finishers will receive credit to account for a 5-class pack.

3. Participants who submit before and after photos will receive 50% off next equipment purchase. (Offer expires 9/15)

A fitness challenge of any nature is no easy feat, but with the P.volve Streamers Group and the rest of the community on your side, it’ll be a journey worth taking. If you’ve completed one of our other challenges, you know how successful they’ve been and how many amazing results are possible, too. 

So, only one thing left to do: accept the challenge with open arms. You have until 8/5 to sign up, but join today to hold yourself accountable for what's to come.