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Take Control of Your Story: Misasha
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Take Control of Your Story: Misasha

P.volve trains your body from the inside out to help you look better, move better and feel better in your everyday life. Join us in celebrating our members who have taken control of their stories and transformed their lives with the help of our method. 

Meet Misashaa mother, lawyer and champion for social justice who was searching for fitness plan that seamlessly connected every facet of her life. Misasha’s story is one of learning to understand and listen to your body, and how to apply those learnings to your everyday life for endless growth. 

Read on to learn more about Misasha’s two-month program with P.volve, and how looking at her routine as a whole helped her finally find the clarity she was looking for. 

Tell us about your experience with P.volve. 

I had found P.volve right when we had to shelter in Place in the Bay Area. I first started with the on-demand workouts, and started taking occasional Zoom classes in the Live Virtual Studio once it opened. I had just bought my first Live Virtual Studio membership in the month when I was selected for the two-month program, as I had decided that I really wanted to focus on this workout because of how it made me feel. 

What was your workout routine like before this journey? 

I’ve been a fitness junkie for most of my life. Prior to P.volve, I was mostly interested in dance classes, barre fitness, and also loved the strength that I was building through Megaformer classes. Inevitably, though, I would hurt myself (knees, back, shoulder) and would need to back off for a while. Prior to COVID, I had just gone back to ballet—both barre classes and pointe workafter a 20-year hiatus. 

What were your personal goals coming into transformation? 

I wanted to feel as strong as possible in a time period where so much was uncertain. For me, that strength was in all aspectsphysically, because of not knowing when or if I was going to be able to get back to physical therapy; emotionally, because suddenly life was changing in major ways and I wasn’t sure I was able to cope without taking care of myself; and mentally, because I needed perspective.   

How did you incorporate a mix of on-demand, virtual and streaming private trainings into your schedule?   

I’m a huge group fitness fan, so if possible, you could find me in a Live Virtual Studio class!  I also loved private trainings because it allowed me to focus on my specific strengths and areas of improvement, and because it was very specific feedback. I’ve never been a home workout fan, so on-demand workouts were the hardest for me, but especially once I saw all the new content, it started to feel a lot like a Live Virtual Studio class. (That said, I still missed the specific feedback!) 

Describe your relationship with your trainer and health coach. 

In one word? INSPIRATIONAL. Celestine and Alexia were amazing and total rock stars when it came not only to pushing me past what I thought my comfort zones were, but making me realize truths about myself, and just how strong I really was. I wish that we all lived closer because I’d love to just chill with them IRL after all of this. (Hopefully, they feel the same way!) 

What challenges did you experience within the two months? How did you overcome them? 

The hardest was trying to fit everything in! I was dealing with virtual school for two younger elementary aged sons, my husband working from home, being a part-time litigator, a part-time podcast host, writing my first book with my best friend/co-host from said podcast, and still trying to keep everything else going! But I realized that when I took care of myselfthrough working out when it was still dark outside, or taking the time to make myself breakfast, or doing a mental health check-init meant that I could show up for everyone else. Sounds cliche but is SO true.  

Describe your diet and how it differed from what you did before. 

I thought I was a pretty healthy eater, but I realized that I was a reactive eater as wellmeaning that I ate my kids’ leftovers if I was too lazy to make something for myself, or ate once I got everyone else situated. I learned that I needed a better breakfast (with protein!and that I needed more colors in the food that I ate. It made a huge difference in both my attitude overall, and my energy! 

How did you incorporate each class type into your schedule and which did you love most? 

I tried to create a fairly balanced schedule: Strength & Sculpt 3-4 days a week, Cardio Burn 1-2 days a week, and Recover & Stretch once a week on Saturdays! Strength & Sculpt was my favorite, just because I love really focusing on the mind-body connection when we move slowly and work on that lean muscle.  The inner dancer in me loves it but the exercise junkie loves it too because I can see the results! 

If you asked me before this transformation, I would have said Recover & Stretch was my least favorite because I didn’t really see the need for it. Sure, I liked stretching, but I didn’t think there needed to be 45 minutes dedicated to it. I WAS SO WRONGNow it’s one of my favorite classes, because I feel so much longer and flexible afterwards, which is a huge deal in my 40s and post-two kids! 

What were the biggest changes you noticed throughout the two-month period and when you finished?    

My strength overallboth physically and mentally. I was waking up with minimal or no pain whereas I used to wake up and be unable to straighten up or be in pain from my back or hips. I could also see ab definition (as I mentioned, I’ve had two kids, so I wasn’t sure that was ever coming back!) and muscles in my legs and arms that I hadn’t seen before. I had so much more energy, too.   

And mentally, I felt like I came back from a darker place (when we started this two-month transformation, it was right after that odd day in the Bay Area when the sun never came up, where it was literally dark all day and felt apocalyptic). I learned again the importance of self-care, and how that relates to those around me, especially when I am so involved in a lot of difficult things, like anti-racism work. It allowed me to gain perspective and to see the importance of balance. 

What did you learn both about exercise and nutrition during this time? 

Exercise-wise, I learned the importance of a day off. I was so focused on working out being tied to my mental health that I was afraid to take days offbut then I realized that I could really come back stronger after a rest. I’m definitely incorporating at least one rest day into my weeks going forward.   

And as far as nutrition?  Eating more protein at breakfast, eating a bigger breakfast, and drinking MORE WATER. I know especially the last one sounds basic, but it’s so important. I think the key here is setting myself up for success by making those first few hours that I’m awake be intentional ones. The rest then sort of falls into place. 

Was there anything about P.volve that surprised you? 

The variety of exercise, and the strong community that exists even though we are literally all spread out. I never got bored, I always felt challenged (regardless of exercise format) and I always felt connected with the trainers in the Live Virtual Studio and with my fellow Zoom-mates.   

Are you happy with your results? 

So happy. I feel longer and leaner, even if I didn’t see a lot of movement in terms of scale and “traditional” fitness goals, my clothes fit differently, and I feel stronger.   

How would you describe P.volve in 3-5 words?  

Real, functional fitness for everyone. 

Any advice for someone that’s considering P.volve? 

Just do it. Even if it’s hard at firstyou won’t regret starting.  No one ever says “Wow, I wish I hadn’t spent that time getting stronger.”  You’re worth it. 

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