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Take Control of Your Story: Megan
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Take Control of Your Story: Megan

P.volve trains your body from the inside out to help you look better, move better and feel better in your everyday life. Join us in celebrating our members who have taken control of their stories and transformed their lives with the help of our method. 

Meet Megan—a model, MBA student and full-time entrepreneur who was on the hunt for a fitness method she could do amidst her ongoing battle with scoliosis. Megan’s story is one of triumphing over pain, realizing your potential and experiencing results you never thought were possible. 

Read on to learn more about Megan’s two-month program with P.volve, and how moving functionally was so life-changing in her incredible transformation. 

Tell us about your experience with P.volve. 

Before my two-month journey with P.volve, I was doing on-demand workouts for about six weeks consistently, five times per week. I was introduced to it through a friend who has been practicing for years and only had good things to say. 

What was your workout routine like before this journey? 

I used to attend barre and Pilates classes in whatever location I was in. I found these Pilates reformer classes to be expensive and there are not always classes available to fit your schedule. If there wasn’t a class I could attend, it means I wasn’t working out. I also did weekly dance classes which I continued doing throughout the program. I tried to go for 20-30 min walks outdoors regularly. I did not incorporate any stretching.  

What were your personal goals coming into transformation?  

Mentally, I wanted to practice discipline and structure—to free up mental RAM as to not have to think about planning out and preparing a workout program for myself. Emotionally, to increase my confidence and self-efficacy. And physically, to lean out around my hips/thighs, and increase my muscle definition. 

How did you incorporate a mix of on-demand, virtual and streaming private trainings into your schedule? 

My schedule rotated weekly. I chose the offerings based on my availability and my trainer’s availability. I liked the feedback and customized recommendations from private trainings. I learned a lot about the human anatomy and had a more understanding of why I needed to incorporate certain movement patterns and stretches. I liked the streaming classes because when I’m on the go, I don’t always have a set schedule, so I require the convenience streaming provides. 

Describe your relationship with your trainer and health coach. 

still keep in touch with my trainer, Celestine, and I have decided to continue occasional PT sessions in my routine. My trainer was highly educated, and she really took the time to get to know and understand my lifestyleso she understood the full picture in order to best help me reach my goals. I was worried that with Zoom it wouldn't be the same as in the physical studiohowever, I was pleasantly surprised with what we could accomplish virtually.  

What challenges did you experience within the two months? How did you overcome them? 

Aside from technical difficulties (with Zoom and WiFi), some other challenges included lack of energy, lack of adequate space and limiting beliefs 

I tried to plan ahead the best I could and gave myself five minutes to log in to Zoom before a session to make sure everything was working correctly. I also tried to plan my workouts for a time in the day where I was more energized (morning/early afternoon). I worked to overcome my limiting beliefs through affirmations and by developing a growth mindset. 

Describe your diet and how it differed from what you did before. 

Before, I would intermittent fasting but then not always have a lunch prepared to break my fast. I would end up snacking from lunch until dinner on whatever was around my desknuts, chips, fruits, granola bars. I would end up eating all of my calories in the evening.  

Now, I get fresh organic paleo meals delivered daily to ensure I have a hearty, protein rich meal to fuel my day. The convenience is necessary as I don’t usually take a lunch break. I’m not snacking as much anymore. I am focusing on eating more protein and notice faster muscle recovery when I do so. 

How did you incorporate each class type into your schedule, and which did you love most? 

Strength & Sculpt and Recover & Stretch classes were my favorite. The active stretching has always been the hardest thing for me to incorporate into my routineas I get bored easily. As someone who likes instant gratification, it takes longer to see results from stretching but when I had the videos to entertain and guide me, it was easier to accomplish and the results made it worthwhile.  

Cardio Burn was my least favoriteas I worry my form is incorrect. I don’t think Cardio Burn is the most beneficial for me given my mobility limitations. 

What were the biggest changes you noticed throughout the two-month period and when you finished?    

Physically, increased definition in my stomach and back. OverallI have increased mobility and flexibility. Now, I have a range of motion I never thought I would have in my lifetime. I really like how the foot-ankle-knee alignment helps you grow your glutes without growing your thighs. 

Mentally, exercise became more of a habit. I have made a commitment to myself to take care of my body every day. There is a quote that says discipline equals freedom and I agree completely. Having the discipline to stick to a workout commitment actually frees up space in the mind to focus on other items (this principle applies to all aspects of life!) 

What did you learn both about exercise and nutrition during this time?  

I learned that to exercise doesn’t always mean you are dripping in sweat and exhausted out of breath. You can exercise low-impact and low-intensity and still see results. The most surprising thing I learned was how the body is interconnected and our ankles and feet are incredibly important to the rest of the bodyso we need to take care of them! I learned that tight muscles can make us shorter, and by lengthening my muscles and ligaments I was able to gain an inch in height! 

Nutrition wise I learned that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Balance is key. 

Was there anything about P.volve that surprised you? 

I was surprised that by doing P.volve consistently you can achieve results without over-exerting yourself. As someone who usually needs a ton of exercise modifications due to my fused spine, when doing P.volve I rarely needed to modify the movements. Finally, P.volve is all about the mind-body connection: the more you get better at activating the muscles, the more challenging and effective the moves become. Sometimes the movements are only tiny micro-movements, yet they really work. 

Are you happy with your results? 

Yes, I am happy. I have been getting compliments from people about my increased muscle definition. Sometimes it is hard to see your results because you look in the mirror every day, so when someone you don’t see all the time gives you that validation it feels good! 

How would you describe P.volve in 3-5 words? 

Lengthening, functional, and dynamic movement. 

Any advice for someone that’s considering P.volve 

I suggest trying all different forms of P.volve (on-demandLive Virtual Studio, private trainings) to see what resonates with you. It’s a new way of moving that might feel weird at first, but I recommend giving it two weeks to try it out. You will literally feel the difference. It’s important to start with the foundational workouts first to master the alignment before moving on to more advanced classes. And always remember: If you don’t feel it, you’re doing it wrong! 

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