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Studio Spotlight: Q&A with Trainer Reneé
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Studio Spotlight: Q&A with Trainer Reneé

At P.volve, our instructors are so essential to the method. They motivate us, perfect our form, and help us advance to the next stage of every workout, no matter if we’re in the studio or working out from our living room. That’s why it’s important to get to know these experts better—so we can feel more connected to them and hear why they do what they do so passionately.

If there's one thing to know about our trainers, it's that they're an ever-evolving group who's always learning about our method, adapting to changes, and listening to our members needs. And as a "forever student of life", new L.A. trainer Reneé certainly fits that bill.

The Inglewood, California native is a trained dancer who also specializes in pre and post-natal women's health. And when she's not perfecting p.sits over Zoom, she's working on her brand, Catch Th3 Frequency—a tie dye and t-shirt brand that promotes happiness, light and love.

Learn more about Reneé below:

What led you to P.volve? 

My forever friend and P.volve trainer Dani led me to P.volve. She spoke so highly of P.volve and it intrigued me, especially because I trust her. 

What was your upbringing like in terms of health, wellness and exercise?

I'm a dancer, so movement has always been apart of my life. I decided to transition to being a pescatarian as a senior in high school as a "dare", but it ended up being one of the best decisions in my life. Now, I'm 14 years and counting...

How does nutrition play a role in your wellness routines?

Nutrition is something that I personally have to practice discipline daily. To be honest, working out and staying active drives the choices I make in nutrition. Moving prompts me to maintain a realistic and disciplined approach to nutrition. 

What excites you the most about bringing P.volve permanently to L.A.? 

THE TEAM! The most supportive team has been established during COVID-19 so I can't imagine how much more we'll feed off of one another in person. We are getting creative and even more unpredictable which of course means, more challenging, specific, and high energy workouts!   

Have you learned anything about your training experience during COVID-19? 

I've learned how to creatively help drive a client to work hard without having to be there through extremely specific verbal cues, pace-driven playlists and of course a small nudge to turn those cameras on!

What piece of P.volve equipment can you not live without? 

The, all day! In the middle of that second block I definitely start to regret the choice, but when it's all over I always feel stronger and happier.    

What one piece of advice would you give to a P.volve newbie? 

Stick to it! The progress is in the journey. Don't beat yourself up if the form is not perfect right away (trust me, mine was not A+ in the beginning), but your success is going to feel even more sweeter if you stay diligent in practicing form.  

Look out for Reneé on our Instagram and on our platform. Or, if you’re new to P.volve, try our 14-day free trial to get started today.