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Studio Spotlight: Q&A with Trainer Cecily
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Studio Spotlight: Q&A with Trainer Cecily

At P.volve, our trainers are so essential to the method. They motivate us, perfect our form, and help us advance to the next stage of every workout, no matter if we’re in the studio or working out from our living room. That’s why it’s important to get to know these experts better—so we can feel more connected to them and hear why they do what they do so passionately.

“As a trainer, nothing brings me more joy than when a client wants to deepen their knowledge of their own body.”

That’s trainer Cecily, the newest addition to our team in New York. You’ll first meet her in our Virtual Studio until our Soho location reopens. Before you do, learn all there is to know about Cecily—including her favorite class, equipment and more!

What led you to P.volve? 

Both the people and the method! I have always been involved in movement in some kind of way, and whenever I got the chance to learn such a new and unique workout that I 100% believe inm I couldn't resist! The P.volve family is a tight knit group that is full of love and hard work, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

What was your upbringing like in terms of health and exercise? 

Some of my very first memories are going to work with my mom at Bally's Total Fitness! My mom was an aerobics instructor at the time (she still teaches fitness and looks like my sister!), and I used to sit and watch her teach her classes always thinking "these ladies look funny!" If only I knew then that I would be following well into her footsteps. I was an incredibly active child ( soccer, gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading all at once), and that has carried with me all the way up to now. 

How does nutrition play a role in your wellness routines? 

I am a firm believer of everything in moderation. I have always been someone who enjoys every single meal, and as my husband says I need three squares plus some. So when it comes to nutrition I look at it as my fuel and that can range from greek yogurt with my favorite granola to making my own turkey burgers for dinner. Every day I strive to eat well, but I never beat myself up if I choose to have something that's more of a treat. 

Also, I love to cook and use it as a part of my wellness routine. I use cooking as a part of my "winding down" process at night; it helps me calm down my mind, and making food for my loved ones brings me so much joy! 

Have you learned anything about your training practices during quarantine? 

Oh, yes! Movement has become more important to me in the past six months than ever before. At one point it was literally the only thing on my schedule, but it gave me a reason to set my alarm, put on my makeup, and get moving. I grew to understand that I use P.volve as my moving meditation. When you put your mind to muscle you literally can't think about anything else, and that helps me clear my head. And let's be honest, we can all use an hour to detox both our mind and muscles from our daily lives.  

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a P.volve newbie? 

Give yourself time! One of my favorite things about P.volve is that I learn something new every time I take or teach class. It's a method that continually asks you to put your mind to your muscle, which keeps you present both mentally and physically. With that said, know that your body is processing all this new information, and just like learning a new language you have to be patient with yourself. And if you're ever curious about your form or a certain position ask us questions! 

What’s one piece of P.volve equipment you can’t live without? 

The p.ball. It’s so versatile—it can be used for inner thighs, lower abs, obliques, upper body, stretching, and the list goes on! 

Any favorite class type getting the results you're looking for? 

I live for Cardio Burn. Every time I finish that class I am completely wiped, but in the best way possible. I feel my heart beating in my chest, my muscles still tingling from all the time under tension, and I absolutely love it!  I have found it especially wonderful during quarantine. Cardio Burn gives me the sweat dripping workout I need to feel like I really moved! 

What are you most excited about bringing P.volve to NYC? 

P.volve has helped me to feel good in my body, and I think everyone deserves to know that in their own bodies as well. It's so exciting to watch clients feel and see the changes that they work so hard for, and I can't wait to do that for more people!

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