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Studio Spotlight: Q&A With P.volve Master Trainer Celestine Atalie
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Studio Spotlight: Q&A With P.volve Master Trainer Celestine Atalie

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of exciting changes happening here at P.volve (more on that soon!). One of the biggest changes you'll see is a fresh face leading some of the latest streaming workouts: master trainer Celestine Atalie. 

You've likely seen her before in some of P's workouts, but now it's her turn to take the lead! As one of the top trainers at the NYC studio, Celestine is bringing some of her most-loved classes to your own home. 

For today's blog, we turned the spotlight on our latest leading lady to help you get acquainted. 

Where are you from?
I’m from beautiful Dallas, TX. I was born and raised there, but my parents are from Germany (Dad) and Guatemala (Mom). 

What made you want to become a trainer?
I wanted to help people, especially younger girls learn how to take care of their bodies. I went through a lot of struggles trying to get my body into shape... it’s still not perfect, but I keep trying. I didn’t know what workouts to do, and when I went to trainers for advice they wouldn’t give me the results I wanted. Most trainers tried to make me lift heavy weights, and it just bulked me up instead of lean me out. I wanted to help others find the answer that worked for them. 

What is the best part about being a P.volve trainer?
I love helping people and knowing that the knowledge I’ve learned will benefit someone else with the way they look and feel. 

Most challenging part?
It's definitely a lot of work-- trainers put so much time and energy into making sure the workout will turn out well. It can be especially tough when you then read a negative comment online after trying your best. It stings, but I also have to keep reminding myself that it is constructive feedback, and will only make me a better trainer.

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What is/are your favorite equipment to use in class?
I love the ankle weights and hand weights. That extra load just intensifies the workout, and there are so many wonderful moves you can do with them. 

What is your go-to playlist for class? 
I love the Anjunadeep family! This is a group of DJ’s who play similar styles of deep house music. Some of my favorite DJ’s in this label are Lane8, Enamour, Ben Böhmer, Luttrell, and Yotto! 

Listen to Celestine's playlist here and bring the studio vibes to your at-home session!

What is one fun fact that few people know about you? 
That I’m shy! People usually don’t believe this though. I used to be so shy that when a stranger would look me in the eye, I would cry. I had to work extremely hard to become more outgoing, which is still a struggle. If I could choose though, I would rather be alone reading a book than in a room full of people. Part of the reason I took this training job was to help me learn how to speak to a group without feeling intimidated.

What is one goal you have for this year, in terms of training as well as in life?
My goal for training this year is to get certified by the Grey Institute (where Stephen studied) and to go to their intensive course training in Chicago or Michigan. My goal for life would be to build a nutrition company where I can help younger females learn how to eat well and take care of their bodies. 

Want to learn even more? Follow her on Instagram @CelestineAtalie. Then, be sure to check out Celestine's streaming workouts, now available in the streaming library, and stay tuned for many more to come!

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Local to NYC? Come by the studio and take Celestine's class!