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Studio Spotlight: Q&A with Chicago Trainer Linnea
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Studio Spotlight: Q&A with Chicago Trainer Linnea

At P.volve, our trainers are so essential to the method. They motivate us, perfect our form, and help us advance to the next stage of every workout, no matter if we’re in the studio or working out from our living room. That’s why it’s important to get to know these experts better—so we can feel more connected to them and hear why they do what they do so passionately.

You’ve already met one P.volve Chicago trainer. Now, it’s time to keep growing the team before we open our doors in the West Loop.

Meet Linnea—dancer, motivator and Chicago native. Linnea has been moving with you every week during live virtual classes, but it’s time to get to know her a little better. Read more below! 

What led you to P.volve?

My girl Kimmie (Lead Instructor in Chicago) introduced me! I signed up to take my first class from her and LOVED it—I’ve been hooked ever since! 

What was your upbringing like in terms of health and exercise?

I’m a professional dancer so I’ve always been very invested in my health and exercise to help support my dance career. It never felt like a chore to eat healthy and exercise. 

How does nutrition play a role in your wellness routines? 

It plays a huge role! I care deeply about what I’m fueling my body with to help get me through my days filled with dancing and teaching. I’m not perfect (your girl loves chocolate chip cookies!) but I do take great pride making sure I am taking care of my body with good nutrition.

Have you learned anything about your training practices during quarantine? 

I’ve learned that I need more time to rest, stretch, and recover. I was very bad at taking the time out of my schedule to do so before quarantine, but since I have realized that my body needs and actually craves an active recovery day every week.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a P.volve newbie?

It is going to be awkward at first. I remember in my first class with Kimmie she was teaching the p.sit at the beginning of class and I remember thinking “this is so awkward”, but the more you do it (and with proper form) the less awkward it becomes and the more you will feel the burn!

What’s one piece of P.volve equipment you can’t live without?

I cannot live without ALL of my P.volve equipment, but alright—if I had to choose, one piece I would say I can’t live without my p.ball. I love how diverse it is—I can use it in my hands for arm activation or wear it on my thighs for leg and ab work. The possibilities are endless! 

Any favorite class type for getting the results you're looking for?

My favorite class type is Strength & Sculpt. I love the intense focus on the mind- to-muscle connection. I leave classes feeling present and SO strong!

What are you most excited about bringing P.volve to Chicago?

I’m most excited about bringing this incredible workout method to Chicago and helping Chicago to learn how to train functionally in the P.volve way that supports their body inside and outside the studio so they feel their best!

Look out for Linnea at our Chicago studio, coming soon! Follow @pvolvechicago for updates and to connect directly with our community. Or, if you’re new to P.volve, try our 14-day free trial to get started today.