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Studio Spotlight: Q&A with Instructor Rhiannon
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Studio Spotlight: Q&A with Instructor Rhiannon

At P.volve, our instructors are so essential to the method. They motivate us, perfect our form, and help us advance to the next stage of every workout, no matter if we’re in the studio or working out from our living room. That’s why it’s important to get to know these experts better—so we can feel more connected to them and hear why they do what they do so passionately. 
The newest face to our team: Rhiannon! She’s a Queens-born dancer who found a new perspective on health and fitness through P.volve. "P.volve not only creates great results in toning and shaping my muscles, but also creates balance in my sometimes overworked muscles from dancing,” she says. Below, get to know more about her and what she’ll add to the team of instructors.
What in your career led you to P.volve?
Being a dancer, I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness. After I graduated from college I was looking for jobs to support me while auditioning and found that a lot of fitness studios were looking for dancers to audition to be trainers. I auditioned to be a P.volve trainer and from there it’s history!
What’s it like to put your athletic abilities as a dancer and performer to use as an instructor?
When I first started P.volve I was so nervous to get in front of a class and teach this technique. One of the other instructors, Celestine, told me to think of it as a dance performance! This totally changed the way I looked at teaching and made me more confident as an instructor. Since I’ve been dancing since I was a child, I’ve been very intuitive of my body for a long time. This made fitness come a little easier to me than it might for most and helps when I’m explaining where my students should be feeling certain exercises.
Do you recommend P.volve to be done in conjunction to other workouts like dance?
I would 100% recommend P.volve to people who dance and do other types of movement based workouts. In dance, very often you’ll do a certain move on one side of your body and not the other. This can create severe muscle imbalances which can result in injury! Doing P.volve with dance can balance out your muscles while toning, shaping, and lifting your body. 
What’s your overall approach to health and wellness? Has it evolved in any way since starting with P.volve?
Because I’ve been dancing for so long, health and wellness has always been very important to me. While being physically active my whole life, I was also raised vegetarian. Being vegetarian introduced me to a healthy lifestyle at a young age and I’ve managed to maintain it to this day. I do however believe that you should still enjoy what you eat with an 80% healthy and 20% approach. It’s all about balance and everyone’s bodies and metabolisms are different, figure out what works for you and stick to it.
In terms of fitness, I was never very good at going to the gym and knowing what to do there for an hour. Finding fitness classes like P.volve made working out so much easier and a lot more fun. I think trying new classes and finding what’s right for you makes working out more of an activity and less of a chore.
Any favorite moves or equipment?
Favorite equipment is definitely the p.ball. I love using it because it immediately activates the inner thighs which is such a hard part of the body to tone! There’s so many fun exercises to do with the p.ball and recently I’ve even been trying it as a replacement for hand weights during some parts of class!
What’s the most rewarding part of being part of the team?
The most rewarding part of being on the team has to be hearing students tell me their transformation stories and how they get hooked on P.volve. I never thought that I’d have the opportunity to teach a technique that changes so many people’s ideas on fitness! 
What’s one thing you want beginners to know/learn before starting P.volve?
I want beginners to know that, like any workout or technique, it’s a learning process! Come to class, ask trainers questions, and try again. The instructors are your biggest resource and everyone should take advantage of asking as many questions after class as possible.
Keep an eye out for Rhiannon in our streaming workouts or at our flagship studio in New York. Or, if you’re new to P.volve, try our 15-day free trial to get started today.