Stepping Up Our Sustainability with the Bamboo Slant Board

In an effort to evolve into a more eco-conscious brand, we’re making improvements to some of our products, and it’s all starting with the slant board

The slant board takes your workouts to new heights with two angle options that activate your muscles even more deeply than when on the floor. Paired with equipment, the slant board offers more angles to work with and a more advanced stepping patterns.  

And now, with our new environmentally-friendly redesign, the slant board features sustainable bamboo instead of wood. The pesticide-free material will offer the same durability as wood, but the plant’s impact on the atmosphere is better and less harmful for the environment. Bamboo is an easy-to-grow resource—one that requires no irrigation and rarely needs replanting. That’s one of many reasons why it’s a great option to be used in a number of different products for a wide variety of uses. 

The new and improved board still features the same slip-free rubber bottom for safety, plus a foldable design for easy storage. We’ve been stepping up our usage in it, too. If you’re a part of our Summit 60 climb, you’ll start using it in Workout 11. If not, there’s always the Slant Series—a 5-day structured program that brings you the intensity of the board with all different equipment and movements.  

Still not on board? Learn more about the sustainable bamboo slant board here. Or, if you’re new to P.volve, get started with our workouts with a 14-day free streaming trial.