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P.volve Transformations — Immy A.
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P.volve Transformations — Immy A.

"My injuries are healing from inside out."

At P.volve, we love hearing about clients’ progress and seeing how they’re crushing our workouts. These ladies, near and far, are giving the P.volve community some major inspo through their incredible before and after transformations.

After years of competitive training that totally neglected her health, our transformation of the week Immy was left burnt out-- mentally and physically. Check out her story below for how P.volve has brought her back to life, and is loving every minute of her progress!

"I’ve been doing P.volve for about a month and a half now and loving it so much. My injuries are healing from inside out.

I came from a background of traditional weight lifting. I competed in bikini bodybuilding for a few years and after much misguided information and many coaches, I came out fatigued, injured, inflamed and with an eating disorder. My weight would yo-yo from under and overeating, and my confidence was at an all time low. Not only did P.volve do wonders to rebuild what my injury did, but it’s taking me towards the body shape that I thrive in every single day. I am so stoked for what’s to come!"

before and after p.volve

1. How did you find out about P.volve?
I found P.volve randomly through Instagram and was intrigued by an entirely new way of working out. As someone who was recovering from a weight lifting injury, this seemed like the perfect thing.

2. How do you fit P.volve into your daily life?
I either wake up to a P.volve workout before I start my work day or I fit in a workout before dinner. I do P.volve 4-5 days a week on average. 
3. What is your favorite piece of equipment?
I’m torn between the ankle bands and the Can I say both?
(Yes. Yes you can.)
4. What is your favorite P.volve streaming video?
I love the 3-Day Body Burn videos. The pace and length just does it for me.
5. What is your favorite move?
1-o'clock to 3-o'clock. Feels great on my hips!
We're so glad you've found P.volve and are on the road to your best self, Immy! You're progress is truly showing, inside and out. We can't wait to see your progress in 2019 and hope you join us for the 90 Day Challenge!

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