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The Results Are In: The Summer Sprint Challenge
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The Results Are In: The Summer Sprint Challenge

This month, we challenged the P.volve community to jump headfirst into the warm weather with our two-week Summer Sprint Challenge! The challenge took users through ten workouts for one of the most booty burning programs yet.

The challenge began on May 6th, with 1,893 participants committing to the workouts. By the end of the challenge on the 19th, 497 people crossed the finish line and were able to check the challenge off their bucket list. And they should certainly be proud of their dedication—workouts ranged from 45 to 1 hour long, and focused on replicating the full studio experience. As always, form was the most important component, but some more high intensity moves were filtered throughout. In total, more than 9,000 hours of video were streamed!

Along the way, we’ve loved hearing about and watching everyone’s progress with the program—whether they were P.volve newcomers, seasoned veterans, or just wanting to get down with some pre-summer sweat sessions. Loyal fans of the challenge shared their thoughts in our P.volve Streamers group on Facebook. Read on for their favorite parts and big wins from the workouts.

“Now that the two weeks are up I am pleasantly surprised with the new lines I can see on my abs” - Laurel, FB Streamer

“As the challenge continued I began to really love the long workouts and variety of equipment in each video. Now I definitely look forward to longer workouts!! I feel so strong!” - Logan, FB Streamer

“I really loved the variety of exercises, different from the basic stuff in the beginner videos. I'm excited to do more of these!” - Wendy, FB Streamer

“I just finished the summer sprint and I loved it!! Especially the last few workouts. I love the feel of being in the studio class. And the last one left me dripping with sweat. Well done, P.volve!” - Amanda, FB Streamer

“I used to do barre classes and switched to P.volve 2 weeks ago and I don't think I'll ever go back! Please give us more classes with Celestine! And I also hope we can still have access to the Summer Sprint Challenge classes after the challenge. I'm loving the class videos vs the instructor only videos.” - Shannon, Streamer

“This is hands down my favorite workout of the Summer Sprint. It had everything! Excellent pacing, modifications for those who need them, great instructions, and effective moves!” - Jill, Streamer

“Incredible guidance and instruction from Celeste from the opening stretch through to the end. I have been doing P.volve for a few months now and still learned some new moves and stretches - go me! The mat work at the end (almost 20 minutes!) was INTENSE! I hope I can walk tomorrow!! Thanks Team P - so glad I pushed play!” - Mary, Streamer

Whether you went all the way or just dabbled in a few workouts here and there, we’re proud of you for starting the summer off right with our well-rounded workouts. Plus, you joined hundreds of other women in a community that’s built on building strong bodies together.

This challenge may be over, but the results keep coming! We’d love for you to continue sharing your transformations with us in the Facebook group and by posting to your favorite social channels and tagging #SummerSprintChallenge or #EvolvewithPvolve. If you’re new to P.volve, try us out risk-free for 15-days! Then check out our beginner’s equipment guide to take things up a notch. Lastly, be on the lookout for the next P.volve challenge—we’re only just getting started!