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Which P.volve Workout Is Right For Me?
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Which P.volve Workout Is Right For Me?

At P.volveour class offerings are the core of us as a fitness method. And since the beginning, we’ve been able to expand our variety of workouts to bring you so many more ways to move—with or without equipment, both in studio and at home. 

Aside from just needing to spice up your routine, it's also important to always do what’s best for your body. Some days, that’s a slow and controlled sculpting workout. Other days, maybe it's a faster-paced sweat sesh. No matter what it is, we have something for you. 

Strength & Sculpt  

What to expect: Our signature class of body-sculpting exercises and resistance-based equipment that will elongate, strengthen and tone your body free of any pain or injury. This 55-minute workout activates every major muscle group, but classes can be more focused based on choice of equipment. You’ll leave feeling longer and more energized than when you started. 

Who it’s for: Anyone and everyone, though some movements and range of motion may be difficult for newcomers. This class is ideal for those looking for total-body sculptinghigh intensity and versatility in every movement. 

Cardio Burn  

What to expect: Low-impact cardio to the beat of heart-thumping music. This class picks up the pace with more reps, faster-paced movements and cardio bursts, all while staying mindful on proper form. You’ll use a mix of equipment or just your own body weight to drive some seriously sweaty results. 

Who it’s for: Anyone who’s been doing P.volve for about a month, or feels comfortable enough with form and cuing to take things to the next level. This class is ideal for those looking for a sweatier, more intense burn than our standard Strength & Sculpt workout. 

The Foundation  

What to expect: An introduction to the P.volve method that focuses on our functional training to align, sculpt and strengthen every major muscle group. You’ll learn how to properly engage your muscles, incorporating proper form into every controlled movement for maximum results. 

Who it’s for: Recommended those new to the method or those looking to refine their P.volve form. Don’t be fooled—just because it’s more beginner-focused doesn’t mean it will be easy! Prepare for a good total-body burn regardless of fitness level.

Recover & Stretch 

What to expect: A 30-minute recovery flow designed to restore and relax the body. You’ll use stretching exercises for flexibility and restorative techniques to bring a sense of calm to the entire body.  

Who it’s for: Anyone and everyone who’s looking to lengthen and stretch or needs some lighter movement after a few days of intense workouts. Also perfect for a pre-class opener or a post-class wind down. 

Quick Boosts 

What to expect: A 30 or 45-minute class of any variety. Our Quick Boost classes pack the same amount of work in less time, using a variety of equipment or just your own body weight. The equipment-focused classes will show you new, innovative moves with our fvaorite proprietary pieces. 

Who it’s for: Anyone and everyone who needs to get a workout in without the full hour to spare. 

Whether you regularly mix up your routine with all four or stick to your go-to favorite week after week, we designed each to help you get the complete mind-body results from the second you press play to the very end.

Ready to try them all? Sign up for our virtual Zoom classes here and access hundreds of on-demand workouts on our platform.