A Special p.ball For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you happen to browse around our equipment page this month, you might notice something slightly different than usual: the p.ball got a makeover. It’s the same revolutionary ball you know and love, but for October only, you can get it in pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. The p.ball won’t only add a pop of color to your P.volve collection, but it will help the fight against breast cancer.

We partnered with The Pink Agenda, a nonprofit organization that supports breast cancer research, to help raise money and awareness for the cause. The Pink Agenda has raised over $3.5 million to fund breast cancer research and care—and has no plans of ever backing down until every woman affected is helped by the disease.

“So many of us know someone affected by breast cancer, so this partnership felt natural," P.volve's CEO and co-founder Rachel Katzman says. "And that’s especially true for the P.volve team, as one of our members is a survivor. Her story is so inspiring—she’s such a strong role model for everyone, always has a positive attitude, and will never stop inspiring me. I’m so proud that we created the limited edition p.ball and are able to work with The Pink Agenda to bring the same inspiration to other women everywhere.”

The organization is backed by Guiliana Rancic, TV personality, entrepreneur, and mom who is a breast cancer survivor herself. Rancic’s work with the community is one of many reasons why we’re proud to offer a piece of equipment that can help those suffering.

We’re proud to share that all 100% of proceeds from pink p.ball sales will go to The Pink Agenda. Join us in supporting the entire mission.

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