Say Hello to P.volve's Collaboration with Amazon Halo

The tech space is one that’s always evolving, and we adapt every day to the new ways it can help improve our everyday lives. And here at P.volve, we’re proud to be a small piece of that evolution.  

We’re thrilled to announce a collaboration with Amazon to create content that will be featured as a part of Amazon Halo, a new service dedicated to helping customers improve their health and wellness. This new service, which is anchored by a mobile app and accompanying wrist band, brings together science-backed tools to better understand how the daily choices we make—from how we move, to how we sleep, even the way we communicate—are connected, so you can build healthier habits for life.  

With the collaboration, we’re able to share two essential components of our fitness method. First, members will feel a sense of accountability and commitment with the programs that will build long-lasting, sustainable habits and results. Second, users will find convenience in their fitness routines with programs available anywhere on the go and anytime that best fits your schedule. 

Iteaming up with Amazon, P.volve is introducing fitness programs called Labs to Amazon Halo, offering its members access to P.volve’s digital workout classes available everywhere you go. These Labs are 1-4 week challenges or experiments to help users discover healthier habits. At launch, members will have access to five fitness programs from P.volve, each curated with different goals, schedules and fitness levels in mind to offer members a variety of content. For example, members can try a two-week foundations lab that gives an overview of form and helps build the basics so you can correct misalignment and minimize pain. For users looking to take it to the next level, look no further than the summit series built for a member who wants to advance to maximizing their results. The app will help members see how each lab they try impacts their metrics – so they can decide if it is a habit worth continuing or if something else may be a better fit for them. 

“We are absolutely ecstatic to work alongside a brand so heavily focused on helping people create a more connected and informed approach to their wellness,” said Rachel Katzman, Co-founder and CEO of P.volve. “P.volve was grounded in the belief that you need to work with your body, not against it. We know our workouts will provide members a high intensity, resistance-based workout that can reduce pain, better everyday performance and give a stronger, sculpted physique.”  

Visit here to request early access.