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Put Your Transform Kit to Work with These 3 Moves
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Put Your Transform Kit to Work with These 3 Moves

If you’ve used any of our first-to-market pieces of equipment, you know how much versatility each adds to your workouts. We designed the p.ball, and p.3 trainer to work with your body and target every hard-to-reach muscle with every rep.

So much of our method is tied to these three pieces of equipment, and that’s because of the long-lasting, transformative results that come with each piece. Separately, the p.ball helps lift and tone the glutes, the engages the entire back, arms and core, and the p.3 provides head-to-toe resistance training. Together, these three tools can do all of that and more—which is why we packaged them all together in one convenient kit. 

Try one move with each piece of equipment below.

p.ball sweep & reach 

Start with p.ball in hand, with hands pushing out onto bands. Find a deep sit, reach to the side and frame your shin. Then push against bands as you sweep up and over to the opposite side, crossing your legs as your arms reach overhead. Repeat 8 times on both sides. tricep extension 

Start in a p.sit and step back to a 6 o’clock catch. Reach body forward, hinging slightly at the hips. Pull one arm down, turning palm out. Release half way, then squeeze tricep back again. Keep moving arm close to your body. Repeat 8 times on both sides. 

p.3 step & reach

Start in a wide p.sit with p.3 attached to one side with elbows up. Step attached leg back to 6 o’clock, heel down. Step wide, externally rotating as you reach your arms out. Return to center and use your inner thigh to step back in. Repeat 8 times on both sides.

Ready for more? Put all your moves together with the Transform Program, now available on our platform.


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