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You all know that I am typically a man of many words, but after my week in London I have to say that I’m having a hard time articulating all these good vibes. Being able to bring my method over to the U.K has always been a dream of mine, and having finally fulfilled that dream with the incredibly positive response we received—well, let’s just say it meant the world to me. It honestly doesn’t feel real; hearing streamer stories from all over the world, from how they found P.volve to the amazing transformations they’ve had. I am so thankful for this incredible community, and excited to continue this road show and watch it grow even more!

Lorena Rae Pvolve

My week in London was jam packed. From private training sessions with both OG clients like Nadine Leopold as well as new faces like Lorena Rae and Caroline Deisler, to doing several interviews and of course hosting some pop-up classes, it was a whirlwind. But it was so worth it. I was in awe at the number of streamers who came out (one girl even flew in from Italy!), knew the moves, and absolutely killed it with their form. In my few moments of downtime, I managed to grab a bite to eat here and there, and took a few mental notes on some of the contrasts and similarities between London and NYC when it comes to health and fitness. 

It was nice to see the uptick in the fitness culture from the last time I was in London. I saw several new boutique gyms popping up, as well as fitness billboards and juice cafes. All of this, and not to mention everyone walking around in athleisure, was a stark contrast to the London I knew just a few years ago. From conversation with my clients across the pond, it seems that the U.K. workout scene is more geared toward HIIT and boxing, followed closely by Pilates. That said, everyone still wanted to focus on all the same problem areas as my New York clients—inner thighs, arms, glutes and contouring the abs. Of course, I brought all the signature P.volve gear to help target their concerns and even got to introduce them to my new slant board to make our sessions extra intense.

Pvolve Nadine Leopold London

Unlike here in the States, streaming didn’t seem to be as popular—yet. That said, everyone I met seemed super excited to continue P.volving at home; no more having to face the cold or typical London rain showers to hit a morning workout! Perhaps one of the coolest parts of the week was seeing the streamer community and P.volve Facebook group members truly come together and build connections. Those who came to the pop-up class didn’t know each other beforehand, but afterwards they wanted to continue to meet up and do mini sessions together. Seeing people create a bond through this workout, uplifting and motivating each other from all different areas of the world, is just one of the reasons why all of the work that I and my team put into this method is beyond worth it.

I’ve said it before (here) and I’ll say it again: the quality of food is far better in Europe than it is here in America, and luckily that’s one thing that has not changed from the London I knew before. One of my wife’s favorite things to do in different countries is visit the local markets and see the different offerings and ingredients used. I think she made at least three trips to their Whole Foods during our stay and brought back lots of goods to enjoy in NYC (we now have Deliciously Ella energy balls for days). We were both blown away by the cleanliness of the ingredients used in everything, especially the bars and chocolate. No soy lectin, no palm oil, and no added sugar!

The cool weather hit a bit sooner than it has here, so most restaurants already had their fall menus ready. Farmacy Kitchen was one of my favorites we checked out, but across the board, you could just taste how pure the ingredients were at restaurants. This really inspired me to focus on eating seasonally, knowing that those foods are hitting the farmers markets when at their maximum nutrient density.

I loved exploring this new healthy side to London, and making new relationships with clients and members of the streaming community. Safe to say I’ll be planning another trip in the near future, but it’s time to determine our next destination! What country should we visit next?

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