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8 Tips For Greater Portion Control
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8 Tips For Greater Portion Control

We all know the situation well-- you get home after a long day of work, hit your streaming workout, check in with your family (fur babies count), and just when you finally have a moment to breath, you realize you're starving.

What ensues often includes ordering enough Seamless that they include 2 sets of cutlery (awkward), or maybe you manage to cook up a healthy meal but then pile up your plate with more than you can chew (literally).  

But exactly how much to eat isn't so black and white, and the portion sizes at restaurants certainly don't help. It's all about listening to your body, and tuning into those cues that you've had your fill. 

Whether you're eating out or dining in, the trick is to be on top of your portion control to avoid having to do damage control afterwards. Use our favorite tips for portion control below:

1. Eat your veggies first. Fill up on the nutrient-packed, fiber-filled veggies and you'll be less likely to overeat on heavier dishes like pasta or meats.  

2. Plate then wait. Stick to the portion on your plate, eat slowly and mindfully, then give it time (at least 10 mins) before going in for seconds to let your brain and body process what you've already eaten. 

3. Right after plating your food, pack up the rest. If you see it sitting out, you're likely going to keep eating it. So after you plate your meal, pack up the rest or even better, pre-portion it out for lunch or dinner the next day to avoid digging back in mindlessly. 

4. Listen to your body, and know that what you need each day will vary. If you've been more or less active that day, you're body will tell you whether it needs more or less to refuel. Rather than focus on counting calories, macros, cups, etc, focus on those internal signals. 

5. Cut things up into smaller bites. We tend to inhale our food when we're that hungry, so it's important to really chew, taste and enjoy the food! 

6. Don't show up starving. When going out to eat, be sure to have a light snack like some berries or cucumber slices to avoid OD-ing on the bread basket. 

7. Rest between each bite, put your fork and knife down as you chew, take your time. Playing off the previous tips, we can't emphasize enough how important it is to slow down. Putting down your utensils between bites will take longer to get through your meal, encourage more chewing, and give your body and brain time to communicate how full it is. 

8. Ask the waiter how big the dish will be, and plan accordingly. Most restaurants (and takeout!) serve massive portions, so don't hesitate to portion out half to eat now, half to take home or share the dish!

Wanting even more tips? Join the community over in the P.volve Streamer's Facebook Group, where you can ask questions to be answered in future blog posts, Facebook Live Streams, as well as share motivation and progress with fellow streamers worldwide!