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P.volve Wedding Transformations: Kemi G.
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P.volve Wedding Transformations: Kemi G.

At P.volve, we love hearing about clients’ progress and seeing how they’re crushing their workouts. These ladies, near and far, are giving the P.volve community some major inspo through their incredible transformations.

This week’s before and after isn’t just an inspiring story; it’s an inspiring wedding transformation, too! Meet Kemi G.—a P.volve regular who you may recognize from a transformation past. But this time around, she worked diligently to get fit and ready to walk down the aisle. Ahead, read about her experience with sticking to the method for her big day.

What were your fitness goals while preparing for your wedding?
My fitness goal wasn't so much to lose a lot of weight, but mostly to just be fit and comfortable in my dress.  My dress was very simple and form fitting so I definitely wanted to make sure my arms and shoulders were toned (the most exposed part!) and that my stomach was nice and flat.  I had a lot of people telling me 6 months out that it was too early to start dieting and exercising for the wedding but I couldn't disagree more! It was about a lifestyle change and I wanted to do it right and slowly so I can keep it up.  The last thing I wanted to do was crash diet and go crazy so close to the wedding!

What did you do to reach those goals?
P.volve, 3-4 times a week.  I also gave up running and incorporated walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes to keep some cardio going, followed by a long stretch afterwards. My legs have slimmed down tremendously because of that combo.

How did you incorporate nutrition and what changes did you make?
My (now) husband and I started doing intermittent fasting as we had some friends do it and they loved the outcome. It was also good just to readjust and realize we were eating dinner way too late anyway. It's not good to go to bed with such a full stomach! Along with that, I incorporated more fiber into my meals, whether that was adding chia seeds to salads or keeping fresh vegetables around whenever I felt like I needed a snack.

Any other wellness hacks you both stuck to?
I think when it comes to food, not eating as much meat was huge. For exercise, remembering to stretch and not exercising to the point of exhaustion were big points for me. I found that focusing on a nice long stretch afterwards really helped my muscles lean out as well as made me feel amazing after a workout.  Shortening the workout was not only easy for me to do, but it made me realize that by working out too much I was bulking up or would damage my muscles, leaving me exhausted and with zero energy afterwards.

What changes did you see through P.volve specifically?
My body weight isn't that different from when I started which is amazing because my body LOOKS completely different. With P.volve I was able to create tone and definition in areas that I never thought were possible for me. 

The program took a minute to get used to, but once I realized all I had to do was stick with it and didn't have to torture myself with HIIT workouts or running miles on the treadmill I fell in love with the program. It is amazing, too,  that they say it gets harder the more you do it— and it couldn't be more true. I feel different muscles working from the same exercises I've been doing from the beginning that I never felt before! 

What advice do you have for brides on their wellness journey before the big day?
Don't wait until the last minute to get in shape! Take this opportunity as a life change and a chance to create healthy habits that you'll continue long after your wedding day.

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