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P.volve Transformations: Megan B.
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P.volve Transformations: Megan B.

At P.volve, we love hearing about clients’ progress and seeing how they’re crushing our workouts. These members, near and far, are giving the P.volve community some major inspo through their incredible transformations. Have a great story about your P.volve journey? Email to share it! 

When Megan found P.volve, she was struggling with hip bursitis, or discomfort in the hip area caused by inflammation). Before finding our method, she had only tried traditional fitness methods that left her body sore and in pain. But after only a few months, she was finally able to start moving the way she was meant to move, instead of wearing her muscles down. 

Read on to learn more about how Megan found a method that offered her results and that she looked forward to every day. 

What were your initial goals when first starting to do P.volve consistently?  

I first saw P.volve on Facebook in 2019. Right away I was drawn to the functional fitness and physical therapy derived movements. I have tried so many other workout programs over the years which have given some results, but ultimately left my body sore and in pain. Having bursitis in my hips, certain workouts would cause this to flare and prevent me from being able to move optimally let alone proper form in my workouts. I told my husband about the program and he purchased the equipment and DVD's for me for my 30th birthday. He knew I was excited to try something new that would focus more on engaging not only the bigger muscles but the smaller muscles that support your joints. I wanted something that was going to help me with proper form, mobility, strength and support an aligned posture.  

What does your P.volve routine consist of? 

My current routine looks like this on demand: 

  • Monday and Wednesday: Cardio Burn class 
  • Tuesday and Thursday: Mat Definition series class 
  • Friday and Saturday: The Total Body Strengthening series class 
  • Sunday is an active recovery and/or rest day  

I will do the Pelvic Floor Strengthening series on my cycle week. You need to work with your body and this series is perfect for that week when you already are feeling more fatigued. The slower, more focused movements are what I personally need. I also add in after my P.volve workouts (6 days a week) my own upper body or lower body circuit which normally consist of moderate weights (dumbbells) and body weight exercises. I do about 30-45 mins of P.volve and 20-25 mins of my own workout after. My go to series’ are7-Day Cardio BurnNo Equipment Cardio BurnTotal Body Streng Series, Pelvic Floor Strengthening and 6-Day Core Foundation 

I really started to see the hard work pay off once I cut out drinking alcohol (still have a glass maybe once a month), sugar (if I use a sweetener, I used monk fruit), and gluten (I have a slight gluten sensitivity). Counting my calories along with counting macros (proteins, carbs and fats) have worked so well for me.  

Favorite piece of equipment, movements or on-demand video? 

I love the light ankle band and gliders. You can do some much from standing to floor plank work. With wider ranges of motion I can really feel my glutes and thighs after using these pieces of equipment. The p.ball is my next favorite. (Helloinner thighs and glutes!) Standing abs and the ab work in the Mat Definition classes have also been my favorite. I just love it all! 

When did you know that P.volve was working for you and your goals? Did you have an “aha” moment?  

After only a few months, I could tell that my hips were feeling so much better and my knees didn't make a snapping noise. It was hip movements like fire hydrants or hip movements that placed my hip or leg to be externally rotated that used to cause my bursitis to flare. When this stopped and I could do these movesI knew it was working!  

What were the unexpected results you saw and felt? 

I never expected to have my hip bursitis to go away, but it has and I no longer have any flare ups. I also noticed less back pain and my abs started to tone up so fast. Just my body overall feeling better and moving the way it should was big. I spent years sitting at a desk for work and then went back to school to become a massage therapist. Spending years in a constant flexed position to then standing and working on clients all day can certainly take a toll. It was one extreme to the next. Building strength and proper movement patterns was essential in helping me work better.  

Aside from the physical aspect, how did the workouts help you mentally or emotionally?  

Last year, 2020, was challenging for most. I was forced to shut down my massage practice like so many other business owners. I felt like there wasn’t much I could control. I’ve always dealt with some depression and anxiety, but 2020 started to really push that more on me. That's when I stepped up my workouts and started to focus more on myself and “what I could control”. I knew I could control myself. Working out was my outlet, my stress relief and my hour a day that I could disconnect from the world and be present in the moment and give myself what I needed. I like to say, “you can’t give from an empty cup, you can only give from the overflow”. That still holds true and I make a commitment to myself to wake up each morning and get my workout in first thing. It sets my day off on the right foot. I’ve taken care of myself, so now I can take care of others. 

Why do you continue to do P.volve 

Aside from looking forward to my workouts each morning, it's honestly the only program I’ve ever been excited to do.

don’t dread a workout. I just resonate with P.volve and the method. It complements my other workouts well and keeps my body moving for regular day to day activities and work. I have never felt better and I love how this program is giving me the lean, strong and toned body I have always wanted. 

How do you think the workouts will continue to help you recover and become stronger in the future?  

I learn more and more from each series that comes out. I keep adding on to my rotating list of favorites and tweak my workouts as I go. Recovery is must and you can’t keep going without taking a rest day or an active recovery day. I used to workout 7 days a week and push myself hard, thinking I couldn’t get the results I wanted if I didn’t slow down or workout hard. I learned with P.volve that slower precise movements to even an active recovery day is enough to help your body recovery and continue to build strength.  

I’ve loved the functional fitness method so much that I’m currently in the Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification course with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I want to build upon what I already was learning with P.volve. This course will complement that well.