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P.volve Transformations — Magee T.
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P.volve Transformations — Magee T.

Meet P.volve member Magee, a busy bee who works from home and has always found it hard to find time for working out. In the past, Magee dedicated herself to other intense HIIT programs, but never really enjoyed them and found they did more harm than good. “P.volve is the only workout I’ve ever done that I feel like fits with me and is just right for my body,” she said. “I feel like my body is stronger for functioning and using in daily life and counteracts how much I sit at my desk.” Magee took on our 90 Day Challenge and transformed her body—not only aesthetically, but in the way she felt every single day. 

Where are you from?

I’m from Columbia, South Carolina. I spent the last several years in DC and moved back to SC a year ago. DC had so many boutique studios and lots of options for classes. Columbia has almost no studios, just a few gyms. So I knew I was going to have to find an at-home workout that I could stick with and I hadn’t found one I loved yet.

How did you find out about P.volve?

I found out about P.volve through Sweats and the City. They are my favorite influencers and give me FOMO about city life so when I saw them streaming P.volve I knew I had to try it.

How do you fit P.volve into your day?

P.volve is perfect for my days. I work at home so I usually have a little break between conference calls around lunch time that I can get a work out in. I usually do about 45 minutes of P.volve. One of the great things about P.volve is that it is so customizable. You honestly get what you put in. On days I have some extra time I can choose a really intense video and push myself and get sweaty and shower before going back to work but some days I can choose a workout where I just get moving and stretch and can get back to my desk feeling so much better (but without washing my hair!)

What is your favorite piece of equipment?

My favorite piece of equipment is I started the program with the 90 day challenge and had some hand and ankle weights and gliders already. I wanted to give the program a try before purchasing the equipment. There’s so many videos with minimal or no equipment and I knew after only a week or two that this was going to be the program for me, so before the end of the first month I had purchased the p.ball and light and heavy ankle bands.

Favorite streaming video?

All the videos and workouts focus on lengthening and stretching to an extent but my favorites are “Elated to be Elevated”, “Everything Lengthens”m “Lean and Tone for the Beach”, and “Long, Lean, and Tone.” So pretty much anything with “lengthen” and “tone” in the title! The lengthening moves have improved my poor posture, help me stretch during all days at my desk in my home office, and leaned me out as seen in my photos. I didn’t really have weight I wanted to lose but I knew I wanted to tone up and look longer. I ultimately lost 10 lbs and 6 inches so far which was a fabulous surprise but I look so much leaner and toned than when I started 6 months ago.

Favorite move?

My favorite move is the step back and reach during the warm up and a p.sit where you stretch your arms as you sit back. I love feeling my stomach stretch and my arms and shoulders pull apart from being hunched forward. It makes all the difference.

Thanks for sharing your results, Magee! We’re so glad you found a program that works with your body and fits seamlessly into your schedule. Keep up the hard work!


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