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P.volve Transformations: Jasmine P.
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P.volve Transformations: Jasmine P.

At P.volve, we love hearing about clients’ progress and seeing how they’re crushing our workouts. These members, near and far, are giving the P.volve community some major inspo through their incredible transformations. Have a great story about your P.volve journey? Email to share it! 

Hypermobility, injury, physiotherapy, and total depletion from traditional HIIT workouts. Sounds familiar? That’s what P.volve member Jasmine was experiencing when she found P.volve and went from once-a-week workouts to ditching all other methods.

Jasmine not only found injury prevention and a newfound love for workouts, but also an amazing physical transformation. Read on to see how Jasmine found the perfect fit with P.volve, and why she won’t be giving up any time soon. 

What were your initial goals when first starting to do P.volve consistently? 

Originally, I started P.volve in order to give my ankles a low impact activity on rest days. I was doing two days on, one day off of HIIT workouts with some yoga mixed in and I found that I was getting constant soreness and inflammation in my ankles. I've always had hypermobile joints, and after several ankle and knee injuries from soccer and long distance running, I was told by my physiotherapist in high school that I should stop running. I was given ankle braces and told to wear nothing but running and walking shoes.  

For the next 10 years I followed multiple exercise regimens and they've always ended with me on crutches. Starting P.volve as a way to rest my joints seemed like the perfect solution at the time to being able to continue a very punishing workout regimen, and it worked. I was able to continue my HIIT workouts, and began running again, but I found that in between my P.volve days I really was not enjoying myself and my active time felt like a chore. It became a punishment for eating a bowl of ice cream or a hamburger, and I dreaded it. Over time I added P.volve to two days on and one day off while continuing HIIT and yoga, and then I began setting my alarm earlier in the mornings so that no matter what my day brought I knew I'd be able to have some active time that I looked forward to and enjoyed. 

What does your P.volve routine consist of? 

I work long, unpredictable hours, 6 days a week, so I love the flexibility of the on-demand platform. I've done a little bit of everything for class types and I really enjoy switching between the different series. If I had to pick one type though I would say I have most enjoyed the Strength Sculpt videos. The full body Strength & Sculpts leave me feeling balanced and toned, and the platform allows me to easily access more focused options for arms, or butt and thighs.  

Favorite piece of equipment, movements or on-demand video? 

I love and regularly use each piece of the P.volve equipment arsenal. I'd have to say my favorites though are the Precision Mat and the p.3 trainer. The mat really allows me to see where I should have my feet placed and I love that having it allows me to track my progress. I can easily tell that I can reach farther and deeper into the movements than I could when I started the program. I also find it really neat that you can see your movements open up as your body warms up from rep 1 to rep 8. The p.3 trainer is such a versatile piece of equipment. I've used it to strengthen my arms and shoulders through reaches. I can feel how it engages my back and core when using it on the mat. I can see the results from it toning my butt and thighs through toe taps and reaches, and leg lifts. I've even used the ball of the p.3 trainer to roll around my feet when they're tight. If I could only have these 2 pieces of equipment, I know I could still get an excellent, effective full body workout. 

My favorite video is the 35 Minute Full Body Sculpt with Maeve and Zach using the precision mat and the p.3 trainer. I could do this workout on repeat and I often use it as a base to add on other shorter workouts to my routine. 

When did you know that P.volve was working for you and your goals? Did you have an “aha” moment? 

There have been several "aha" moments throughout my experience with P.volve. They started with me having made a comment to somebody trying to make plans with me one evening. I told them I wanted to get together but would prefer doing it later in the evening because that night I had a workout planned, and it was the one I really enjoyed and I didn't want to skip it. They asked me in return why I continued my other workouts when I had another program I loved so much. I could not think of an answer. I got rid of all the apps and programs that had injured me, or that I didn't enjoy and committed to practice P.volve every day. 

Since that original moment I've had several moments that were big important achievements for me. These included having 30 uninterrupted active days without injury (this streak is much longer today), being able to hold a plank without resting for 30+ seconds, seeing my body go from splitting the zipper on a size 8 dress to being able to fit into a size 6, and now a size 4. In fact I realized just this morning when I put on a pair of size 4 pants with an elastic waistband, that they have quite a lot of room to spare. 

What were the unexpected results you saw and felt? 

The physical results I see are undeniable. Looking back at my progress photos these past weeks has been enlightening to say the least. I've gone from 147 pounds in September of last year to 130 pounds today. Besides the results I can see in the mirror and on the scale I can feel them as well. There are small things that build to create an overall feeling of wellness. I have much more energy now that I'm not draining it all through high impact workouts. That small change has led me to a better daily mood now that I'm not constantly feeling fatigued and dreading the next HIIT session. 

I can also feel my body protecting itself from injury now when I move about my daily tasks. When I reach up high for something I can feel my back and core engage to support my height of 5'10. When I squat to pick something up off the floor I can feel my glutes engage, and it's become automatic to keep my knees back to protect my ankles. When I step over something into a wide stance I feel supported and engaged no matter the angle I'm in. Very similar to physiotherapy (which I've had my fair share of) 

this program has taught my body how to move again. 

I now don't have to worry about wearing heels to work because I have the strength to support myself, I don't have to think twice about helping a coworker move a heavy bucket because my body knows how to support and protect its movements. 

Probably the biggest unexpected result wasn't even necessarily something that I saw or felt, it's something that my husband did. He was looking at me one day and smiling, just watching me. I was just going about my Sunday heating up some tea. He told me he loved the way I looked, which I found strange because he's always preferred larger women. I asked him what it was that he liked, and he told me he could tell that I was holding myself differently, that I was happy with myself and the way I looked. He said the fact that I was loving myself again made him love me that much more. 

Why do you continue to do P.volve? 

I continue P.volve today because I enjoy it. We hear all the time "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." For some reason it never occurred to me that the same is true for workouts. Now that I've found something that gives results, is enjoyable, and prevents my chronic injuries the question really isn't why do I continue to do P.volve, it's how could I not? One of the many things I've been so impressed with is the accessibility to the trainers. I regularly see them respond to questions and comments on the Facebook page, they make themselves available for consults, they make me feel like they genuinely care about my wellbeing. 

This method isn't just here to sell me a one size fits all product and then ghost me when I have a question. Not only are the trainers accessible, the workouts are as well. There are options with or without equipment, there are variations for almost all the movements which make it easy for me to wind up or ease off the same workout video depending on how I'm feeling that day. It also makes it really easy for me to workout with others despite any differences in fitness level. I can have fun following the same workout video with friends and know that my workout will be tailored to me, and theirs will be tailored to them through the modifications that are offered. 

Aside from the physical aspect, how did the workouts help you mentally or emotionally? 

The mental and emotional aspects of this program are difficult to put into words. The biggest difference in the P.volve program compared to others is it makes space for how you're feeling that day. Other programs demand that you be your best and give 100% every day. 

P.volve asks that you give what you have to give that day. 

There is room for you to be tired, there is room for you to have an off day, there is recognition that you may be stronger or more flexible on one side than the other. I always got the feeling with other programs that I wasn't pushing hard enough, that I wasn't giving enough, and I would push myself into an injury or a burn out. I hear regularly from these trainers "work with what you have to give today" this simple philosophy of awareness, and forgiveness for yourself is what was missing for me before P.volve. In February I lost my aunt after a very short battle with lung cancer. The Monday morning I got the news she had passed I put P.volve aside and I locked down my emotions so I could go to work for my 6-day work week. As the vice president my work days are long and do not leave room for error or distraction. In the evenings I would call my Mom and see if she needed help sorting items, or organizing pickups or drop offs as we moved the items out of my Aunt's apartment. My Dad also had a freshly torn rotator cuff and us kids were offering to cook, clean, or shovel to help with anything we could. I was careful to keep my emotions locked down so Mom wouldn't feel she had to look after or worry about me on top of everything else she was dealing with.  

After that initial week I found myself with a block of time to be able to go back to my P.volve. I started my video with Maeve and part way through she offered those words "check in with how you're feeling today". I let everything go, physically and emotionally. I started crying through the movements, and then laughing at how silly I must have looked. These trainers give you the space to bring you, all of you to your workouts. I noticed right away that the videos on demand are "real". The trainers will lose their balance, they sometimes have to tap down and correct before continuing the movements. These are not rehearsed and cut and edited videos. These are real people spending time with you in your day with a program that gives amazing results while acknowledging that nobody is perfect, and they aren't asking you to be. All this program asks is for you to show up and give what you want and have today. 

How do you think the workouts will continue to help you recover and become stronger in the future? 

With the results I've seen so far, I have no doubt that P.volve will continue to build my strength and stamina. The program is so versatile and diverse that I can't imagine ever becoming bored. I love the fact that each trainer brings a different energy and style to the workouts. I always look forward to seeing and trying the new workouts that are added so frequently to the app. I know that my future physical successes and achievements will simply depend on having fresh, fun options to play around with through the on-demand library. I have so much fun choosing new series to follow, and creating different video combinations for myself that I can't imagine that I'll ever not find something I want to try on the platform.