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Cardio Burn: What to Expect From the Workouts
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Cardio Burn: What to Expect From the Workouts

Today we launch Cardio Burn—our four-part series of faster-paced workouts—on our streaming workout platform. The workouts won’t only promise you a good sweat and a quicker pace, but each movement will also safely and effectively raise your heart rate while still keeping you in control.

Each Cardio Burn workout is the opportunity for a new challenge to conquer. The series will be a way to shake things up in your routine and regularly add variety to your weekly schedule, all while keeping the same focus on form as you’re used to. 

We already shared the nitty gritty details of what the workouts will be like—the basic format, the structure and more explanation on the additional repetitions. Now, we want to offer a few of the moves you can expect to do in the workouts so you’ll have a taste of exactly what it will be like.

Sit & Reach 
Start in a p.sit with light ankle weights on and 2 lb. hand weights in hand. Reach arms down towards the floor on an angle, then reach arms up toward the ceiling in an arm press. Keep knees back and core tight the entire time. Repeat 8 times.

P.sit Hop
Start in a p.sit with 2 lb. hand weights in hand. Bring arms back before doing a tiny hop 1-2 inches off the floor. Keep knees back and swing arms for support as you come up. Catch and hold the weight the entire time for 8 hops.

Plank Challenges
You’ll see a lot more series of planks in Cardio Burn, such as this sequence with gliders and light ankle weights on: Start with both feet on the gliders in a high plank position. Pull feet apart a few inches, then squeeze in back together. Repeat 10 times. Next, bring knees toward chest using the lower core before squeezing back out to starting position. Repeat 10 times. Lastly, do a small pike upwards, then pull back down. Repeat 10 times.

Be sure to look out for Cardio Burn on our streaming platform, where we'll be rolling out the workouts one by one this week. Then, read more about doing P.volve and cardio here.