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P’s Plane Prep – 5 Tips For Having a Healthy Flight
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P’s Plane Prep – 5 Tips For Having a Healthy Flight

Can we just pause for a second and appreciate how easy it is to travel these days? To think that even just a hundred years ago, people had to spend weeks or even months to get from one city to another, and now we can just jump on a plane and be across the world exploring a whole culture in a matter of hours. Pretty incredible. 

As you can tell from my earlier post recapping our summer Euro trip, you guys know how much I love to travel. And now, this P.volve community is expanding globally at such a rapid pace, that I’m getting to travel all the more! I am so grateful for all the clients and streamers I’ve gotten to work with out in LA, Toronto, Michigan, and now London! I can’t wait to see where we’ll be headed to next. The only downside? Long flights aren’t the easiest to adapt to, but there are a few tricks of the trade that my clients, my wife and I have picked up over the months to help keep your healthy habits in check.  

 The more prepared you can be, the better. Packing your own snacks or even meals is definitely the way to go, as airplane food is all pre-made, frozen, then heated up before being served to you. I don’t even want to begin to think about the added preservatives that are in there. I know there are a few airlines who have tried to step up their game, but even so, I’d rather know exactly what I’m getting. Even the snacks that are offered-- let’s just say that wouldn’t be on my “approved” list.

  1. Fruit snacks
    Fresh fruit is one of my favorite things to bring with me, particularly berries (for antioxidants) and clementines (for vitamin C). Fruit is great because you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it somewhere in the airport if you don’t bring your own. My only warning is against packaged dried fruit, as they often have a higher sugar content (not to mention unnecessary added sugars) and we tend to consume more than when eating fresh, whole fruits.
  1. Bars are bae 
    I also never leave home without one of my favorite whole food on-the-go bars, like Macro bars. Sometimes all you want is a little snack on the plane ride to hold you over and a bar is the perfect thing. You can also usually find these at the airport, but make sure that you carefully read over the label when making your pick, and look for wholesome ingredients you can actually pronounce. Be wary of marketing phrases like “gluten free,” “paleo,” “fat free,” “low sugar,” etc. as they often contain artificial ingredients and sweeteners, and processed proteins that your body can’t actually absorb properly. Ultimately, a bar that is made up of real foods, and is well balanced in healthy fats, fiber, plant protein and natural carbs is a pretty safe bet.
  1. Meal prep
    If you have an especially long flight ahead of you, I highly suggest bringing your own meal! Salads are a great option, as are quinoa veggie bowls, as you can usually whip them up with whatever produce you have left in your fridge before your trip. They also don’t need to be heated up and don’t have a strong smell that will annoy the rest of the plane. Salads are pretty common airport fare, as well, but they are often pre-made and sometimes I don’t like everything that’s on top of them. You can take off the items you don’t like and eat what you do, but make sure to do this before getting on the plane so that you don’t make a mess on the person next to you!
  1. Tea time
    I also love packing my own tea with me. Simply buy a water bottle in the airport (or pack one to refill after security) and infuse it with your own tea bags. We all know how important hydration is during the flight, so why not add some more nutrients and benefits with tea? Green, ginger, licorice, and peppermint tea are a few that I keep in constant rotation.
  1. Get comfy 
    A few other key items I always pack for long flights include my own pillow! My wife turned me onto this, when we first started traveling together I would make fun of her for bringing her pillow, but then I tried it. When you’re stuck on a plane for 5+ hours, having your pillow can transform your seat and turn it into your own little bed. You can get comfortable, and actually get some good sleep without pulling a muscle in your neck. Rachel also suggests trying an eye mask if you have a hard time sleeping on planes. Lastly, I always bring hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes, as I like to wipe down the seat and seat belt first thing when I get on. Being trapped on a plane for many hours with stale air and no circulation can take a toll on us and our immune systems, and I try to do everything I can to avoid any germs and keep my immune system up and running. Nothing will get the job done better than lots of water, added nutrients from tea, Vitamin C supplements and fresh fruit and veggies!

Being prepared for flights in this way has done wonders and allows me to land at my destination feeling energized and ready to tackle the city rather than sluggish and bloated.

Check out our YouTube channel to see Rachel’s take on these tips, and let me know your favorite healthy travel hacks!