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Our Studio Health & Safety Plan
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Our Studio Health & Safety Plan

Note: This will be updated as our practices and procedures evolve to keep you as informed as possible.   

Our studios are our home and where the community comes together to partake in this incredible method in person. 

This is with your health and safety at top of mind. We’ve worked with our team and experts in the fields of public health and sanitization to ensure every necessary measure is taken.  

Currently, class availability at each studio is as follows: 

  • Los Angeles: indoor at limited capacity and outdoor  
  • Chicago: indoor at limited capacity and heated outdoor  
  • NYC: indoor studio at limited capacity  

Below are the step-by-step guidelines that we’ve implemented in all studios. 


Our housekeeping and facilities agency, S Grace Facilities, has been certified by the World Health Organization and Homeland Security for their best-in-class cleaning practices. P.volve team members have been retrained on our new standard of operating procedures post-COVID19.   

All locker room areas, bathrooms and studio surfaces are deeply sanitized several times a day and at the end of each business day. 

An Electrostatic Disinfecting treatment is applied after each class and at the end of the day prior to closing. The disinfectant is CDC & EPA approved and effective on COVID-19.  

All indoor studios are equipped with both MERV 13 filters and Bipolar Ionization Units (BPI). MERV 13 filters are best-in-class, hospital-grade filters. Bipolar Ionization Units (BPI) reduces airborne viruses, including the Coronavirus/Covid-19, thus helping to cleanse the air we breathe. BPI products are mounted in centralized air conditioning systems. As in nature, when air flows through the system, it results in the formation of millions of negative and positive ions.  


All members are required to sign a general liability waiver and CDC-recommended questionnaire to adhere to new COVID-19 protocol. 

Every studio-goer and P.volve team member gets their temperature taken upon entry into the studio. We ask that you use your best judgement when deciding to come to class to help keep the entire community as healthy as possible.   

Floor markers are used throughout the entire studio to enforce social distancing measures.  

Reception desks are equipped with counter shields and P.volve team members assist from a safe distance when necessary.  

P.volve team members are required to wear a mask at all times. Masks are required for all members while in the studio. Masks and gloves are complimentary for all clients upon request. 


Water filter filling stations are for emergency use only. We encourage you to bring a water or purchase a bottle at the front desk. 

Towels are available for use and immediately laundered on site after each class.  


Class capacity is reduced based on government mandates.  

P.volve team members are present to assist clients in and out of the studio to enforce distancing. 

Our trainers have been instructed on hands-off form corrections during class. It’s our goal to bring you the same class experience you know and love, so we’ll be paying close attention to proper form from a distance. 

Headsets used during outdoor classes in L.A. will be deeply sanitized in between classes. 


If you shop in our retail section, returns are allowed but to ensure extra hygiene safety measures, we will be disinfecting all returned items prior to being displayed again.  

Limit touching of retail and other products if shopping after class.  

Limit lingering around the studio after class as much as possible. Got questions for your trainer? Reach out to us at   


The entire P.volve community must work together to adhere to these guidelines to help make our studio as safe as possible. 

Respect our social distancing markers, both in and out of the studio. 

Limit contact with trainers, our team and other studio-goers. 

If you feel symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to class until you're symptom-free for three or more days. We'll gladly honor any cancellations or class changes due to issues related to scheduling.   

We know navigating the studio during COVID-19 is an adjustment, but please know that we’re here to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Whether you’re joining us in studio or moving with us from home, we’re in this together. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your home studio with questions or concerns.