Are Resolutions SO Last Year?

If you were on social media at all over the past week, you probably noticed there’s a movement that seems to be happening around New Year’s resolutions (and we don’t just mean our 90 Day Challenge).

We’re deeming it the “anti-resolution revolution.” For many, the tradition of making resolutions at the start of each year is a means to motivate and inspire the breaking of old habits that no longer serve us and creating new ones to bring us closer to our goals.

But this year, we couldn’t help but notice the number of posts opposing this concept of sudden pivotal change and speaking, instead, in favor of daily gradual change and a “why wait for New Years?” mentality. In other words, are New Year's resolutions so last year?

Intrigued by this motion, we polled the team here at P.volve HQ to share their thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, and what they’re looking to accomplish in 2019.


Ali, Community Manager

“I like the idea behind New Year’s resolutions, but I often lose sight of what mine are after a few months in.

One thing I have done the past three years is sober January. Being someone that drinks frequently it’s a great way to reset my body and mind for the new year. I love exploring and finding new activities to do! Each year I recruit more friends to do it with me and hold me accountable.”


Rebecca, Integrated Marketing Manager

“As a native New Yorker, I’m constantly moving fast and always thinking of what’s next. My personal goal is to live more in the moment, and stay focused on the “now,” so I can make the most out of life and not worry so much about what’s ahead.

This is especially important to help keep me relaxed this year, as I’m juggling planning for my September wedding, working at this fast-paced job (that I love!), looking to move apartments and making sure there is time for my friends, fiancé and ever-growing family. A little bit of “me” time each week is going to be critical to making sure I’m thinking about how I’m improving in this area.

I also want to maintain strong organization skills both personally and professionally – I think this is key for this crazy year! I keep tons of To Do lists to help keep me accountable and am working on a better file system for my email inboxes and paperwork.”


 Sam, Email Marketing Specialist

“I definitely understand why people set New Year’s resolutions. However, I personally, am very on the fence with them. I try to challenge or improve myself every day rather than just making a couple of resolutions to accomplish the entire year (that I know I’ll forget overtime!). That being said, I’m an extremely list oriented person. In my opinion, small goals create the structure needed in my life to stay organized and productive with my day to day responsibilities.

I do have one tradition that I always abide by the first day of the year. I love doing something that I know I'll mentally, physically, or emotionally enjoy. Whether that's treating myself to my favorite meal, a facial, or lounging in my pajamas for the entire day. It’s a simple ‘feel good goal’, before I hit the ground running.”


Meredith, Studio Manager, Trainer & Content Editor

“While I am all for goal-setting, I do agree that the idea of waiting for the new year to make important changes is outdated. Rather, looking at each day as a fresh start inspires me to make strides towards my goals now, and I’ll instead set a yearly intention or theme to carry with me. This year, it’s all about having trust—in myself, in what I know, and in what my heart and gut guide me to do.”


 Bonnie, Email Marketing Manager

“My New Year's resolution is to get back to cooking meals at home more. I used to be so good about it, but my move to NYC seven months ago really changed up my lifestyle. I found myself getting delivery, eating out more, and going out more in general.

While it's so fun to enjoy all of the amazing food the city has to offer, I absolutely love cooking (and baking) and can't wait to spend more time doing it. I purchased a few books to get started: Thug Kitchen (making eating more vegetables easy and fun), The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook (Ina is a legend), and Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings (because Chrissy + comfort food… ‘nough said).


 Rich, Growth VP

“I think resolutions are great if they always remain a positive source of inspiration. In other words, will your resolution make you feel bad if you don’t stick with it?  

 What was originally designed to inspire and uplift shouldn’t turn into something that feeds feelings of anxiety and failure. So, in making my resolutions I try to take the emphasis off of changing the way I behave and placing them more on the way I think.

My resolution is not to lose my temper with my kids but rather to practice more empathy to understand why they behave the way they do. I don’t have to be 100% perfect.  But I’ve changed my thinking which I am 100% certain will change my behavior.”


 Julie, President

“I love New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t think of them as re-inventing myself, just as a fresh intention to focus on in the new year ahead.  My New Year’s resolution always involves some way of staying/being healthy-- eating better (maybe being more mindful with it) and committing time in the day to workout. 

Running a fast-paced start-up, traveling every week, and being a mom of 2 little ones is 24/7, and I can tend to prioritize everything else before me, but I know that by being better to myself, I will show up better in life.  I think it starts with goal setting and really setting your intentions for the week by scheduling it in the calendar.”


What are your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions? Share your resolutions with us in the comments below, on Instagram, then head over to the P.volve Streamers Facebook group to share them with others!

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