National Nutrition Month: How to Snack Healthily at Work

Let’s talk snacking. We all need (and love) a good bite in between meals, but keeping it consistently healthy seems impossible—especially when cooped up in an office all day. 

“Snacks should be minimalistic and uncomplicated. Simple, small portions of food to keep you satisfied—not full!—in between meals,” P.volve trainer and Integrative Health Coach Lex explains. “Everyone’s body is different. Some thrive on fasting in-between meals while others need that extra nourishment to maintain their energy levels.” Either way, office kitchens are notorious for sugary, addictive snacks that do more harm than good for your energy levels, hunger and brain fog (think chocolate, candy and other processed snacks) The goal is to snack on something wholesome that will give you a steady release of energy, just like the examples below. 

  1. Veggie crudités in a mason jar. Skip the plastic and make it both cute and sustainable. Fill the bottom of a small mason jar with 1 inch of hummus or smashed avocado and arrange carrot, peppers, cucumber sticks, or any of your favorite veggies directly on-top. Squeeze some lime and a pinch of pink salt to maintain freshness and bring some extra flavor.
  2. 1/2 of a sliced or mashed avocado with squeeze of lemon and pink salt with a handful of seed crackers on the side.
  3. 1 cup of fresh berries with a squeeze of lime or lemon. 
  4. Sliced apples or pear (take the skin off for those with sensitive stomachs)
  5. 1-2 hard-boiled egg or can of tuna (if looking for something more filling with more protein, with seed crackers on the side.)

Want more from Coach Lex for National Nutrition Month? Check out her best tips for dining out, and stay tuned for more throughout the month. Or, if you're in the New York area, look out for her on our studio schedule.  

Alexa Shamis is an Integrative Health Coach, with certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as a certification from Nutritious Life. She loves sharing her movements and meals with others, as well as helping guide people down the right path to wellness. For more of her tips and advice, follow her at @lexshamis