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How Model Nadine Leopold Keeps Healthy Year-Round
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How Model Nadine Leopold Keeps Healthy Year-Round

As the temps start dropping, it can be all too tempting to hang up our sneakers and cave to cups on cups of hot cocoa to ease any pre-holiday stress, but keeping up with our healthy habits is no different this time of year than any other. Rather than throw away all our beach body efforts come winter, it's all about keeping up a solid and consistent self-care routine even into the colder months. And who better to chat with about keeping a perma-bikini body than model Nadine Leopold? We took advantage of P's London launch to catch up with the supermodel and long-time p.volve client to get the details on how she keeps her mind and body healthy not only before the big show, but year-round.

What is your favorite breakfast to fuel your day? 
 I love to start my day with some hot water with lemon and cayenne. Then I usually have some scrambled eggs with rice cakes or some oatmeal with berries.

How do you destress, both before a show and in life?
 I love to use the infrared sauna! It's a solid 45 minutes of pure relaxation where I can switch off from the busy everyday life. 

Do you enjoy living in London? What's the biggest difference in the fitness scene compared to the US?
I love living in London, it’s very different to NYC though. The fitness scene in the US is much, much bigger but London is slowly catching up, which is good. We need more p.volve in London!

Nadine Leopold p.volve

Go-to beauty must-haves on-the-go?
I always carry a concealer with me. It’s my must. And some hand cream!

Do you have a favorite p.volve move or piece of equipment?
I love the p.ball. It’s so easy to bring with me when I’m traveling and you can work on so many different parts of your body with it. Especially when doing a one of P's workout plans-- it’s great for lower abs which is my main focus at the moment.

Best moment from the Victoria's Secret Show 2017?
There’s been too many! It’s still like a dream to me. I worked so hard and having Stephen in China with me helped so much. You want to be in top shape before you walk out on the runway; there’s nothing to hide. It’s also very rewarding to see amazing results and to be able to show what you’re capable of fitness wise. 

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Go-to outfit when on or off-duty?
 I love a good pair of black high waisted jeans and ankle boots. I like to keep my style simple but mix in a cool pair of shoes or bag. 

How do you find your confidence, in daily life and as a model? 
Growing up in this industry was definitely challenging as I started very young. To have people judge you based on looks toughens you up over time. Working out and staying healthy gives me a lot of confidence and it’s super important to not loose that. 

We couldn't agree more! We love hearing how p.volve has helped so many others like Nadine to find their confidence and own their passions, career, and relationships like never before. 

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