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Meet Our New Class Type, Mat Definition
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Meet Our New Class Type, Mat Definition

You’ve learned the fundamentals in The Foundation and honed in on every muscle in Strength & Sculpt. You’ve even picked up the pace in Cardio Burn and even relaxed a bit during Recover & Stretch. 

Now, you can add another class to your roster: Mat Definition. This workout infuses traditional Mat Pilates techniques with the P.volve method for targeted muscle work, longer holds and deep core activation. 

You might already have an idea about how much our method focuses on the core, and that’s because it’s the center of everything we do—not just during your workouts, but in your everyday life. And while we love some good standing abs and plank work with the gliders, we’re always looking for new ways to add versatility to your workouts and spice up your routine. Mat Definition will do all of that, and so much more. 

With this new class type comes a new face to your workouts, too! Meet Vilmaliz Bosquea featured trainer in our Mat Definition category. Vilma is a fitness trainer, wellness coach and certified Pilates instructor with over ten years of experience helping women develop a positive relationship with their bodies. After experimenting with different forms of movement, Vilma recognized that sticking to only one type of workout can lead to imbalance and stress on the body. Now, Vilma has fallen in love with P.volve for its similarity to her approach and its emphasis on functional movement.  

To start, you’ll find two new series in your on-demand library (more on those later...) but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for additional Mat Definition workouts coming soon. Below, we dove deep into the new class type with Vilma. Read on to learn all about it: 

Tell us more about your background and Pilates experience. 

I’m a certified Pilates instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience. Soon after finishing college, I realized fitness and wellness were my true passion and the only work that truly fulfilled me. This is when I decided to build my own online platform and dedicate myself to teaching others how to create healthy habits that lead to a sustainable fitness routine and lifestyle. Movement is my passion and what drives me each and every day. 

I was trained classically, but I love mixing my workouts with contemporary Pilates and other methodologies in order to keep my routine fresh and challenge the body in new ways. My passion and expertise is helping others build core strength and reach a new level of fitness they never thought possible. 

In your own words, what is Mat Definition? 

Mat Definition is a combination of classical and contemporary Pilates focused on precision, stability and control. All workouts are high-intensity, low-impact mat flows with an emphasis on the core. In each flow, you will learn to understand your body, challenge your stamina, endurance, sculpt and progress to the next level of your fitness journey. 

What is the difference between the two series available on demand? 

The two series are structured similarly, but are different levels. The 6-Day Core Foundation series will teach you form and technique addressing every muscle group that’s part of the core. This program is great for beginners or any member looking for an in depth understanding of proper core work. 

The 8-Day Core series is perfect for anyone looking for an intense full body sculpting workout with an emphasis on core. This is a more intermediate to advanced program with options to progress or regress according to your current level of fitness. 

Should everyone start with the more beginner series, or can more advanced members start at the more advanced program? 

You can start anywhere you want but we highly recommend going over at least the first three videos in the 6-Day Core Foundation series, as these will offer an in-depth understanding of proper core work and technique. It’s crucial to understand that the more efficiently we move, the faster (and safer) we can achieve results. Quality always comes first! 

What’s your favorite piece of equipment for working the core? 

I love the versatility of the p.ballbut the p.3 is my top favorite piece for core work. It resembles Pilates equipment and is more likely to ensure you move from the right muscles. The p.3 is by far the best piece of equipment to help you learn how to activate and connect with your transverse abdominals (your deepest abdominal muscle) and how to work from a strong center. 

Do you recommend combining Mat Definition with other P.volve class types, or focusing on a week of abs on its own? 

These series can 100% be combined with other P.volve workouts. This is part of the reason why these workouts were created—to give the P.volve community varied movements that still hold the same principles of the method you know and love. Mat Definition is yet another facet of P.volve designed to help you keep building a stronger, more balanced body. 

Ready to start sculpting? Try three no-equipment ab moves with Vilma below:

See both Mat Definition series on demand here. Then, be on the lookout for Vilma on the Live Virtual Studio schedule.