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Making nutrition work for you! November 03, 17

Making nutrition work for you!
Working out is just one part of your fitness evolution – healthy bodies are also made in the kitchen! Nutrition is a key component to achieving the body you want, so I’m creating meal plans for my clients to provide a holistic program.

My nutrition philosophy is the same as my fitness philosophy – to develop a safe, sustainable way to take care of your body as a whole long-term. Like my fitness program, my nutrition plans are intended to educate my clients on how they are supposed to feel when they put food in their bodies and to create a positive awareness. Nowadays, people concentrate on how a meal tastes, the portion size or number of calories but often ignore the fact that many of the foods they eat are loaded with salt, sugar and preservatives.

When it comes to mastering your body and changing your life, the key is sustainability. I tell my clients to think of their bodies as pendulums. The body gains and loses weight and retains and releases water. It ebbs and flows, and that is why it is so hard to maintain a healthy weight! If you go on an extreme diet or exercise program, you’re pushing that pendulum so far in one direction so quickly, you can be sure it is going to come swinging back in the other direction with even more force.

We want and need our nutrition to work harder for us to avoid those drastic swings! To do this, we have to be smart about the foods we are putting in our bodies, when we are putting them in and in what order. It’s all about learning how to enjoy real foods without the added calories and ingredients that are not good for our bodies so we can be in control of our pendulum.

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or something more maintainable, I’ve got the nutritional solution for you! My plans will aid in digestion and incorporate foods that get rid of inflammation and bloating.

Just like my workouts, my meal plans will work for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free – there will be something for everyone with substitute and swap-out lists. Plans will have exact measured recipes with cooking instructions, so they aren’t just effective…they are EASY! They will help build confidence, energy and a positive mindset.

But there’s no time to waste, so check out my nutrition tips and tricks on some of my other blog posts to start your evolution today! Also, please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when our meal plans launch. Keep checking back for more!


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Post by Stephen Pasterino

Hi, I'm P, founder of P.volve. I'm passionate about fitness, wellness, and all of the healthy lifestyle choices in between. Get more out of your workouts by staying up to date with our Blog, where I share all of my fitness secrets.

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