Introducing: The Transform Kit

Like all of our equipment, our newest kit is made up of three tools that let you move in ways that no other equipment does. The Transform Kit offers the p.ball, and p.3 trainer—our triple threat of first-to-market pieces that are the basis of our method and the catalysts of the results you’ll get through our workouts.

P.volve first introduced the p.ball and in its its early days, and though each target different areas, they work in unison for upper and lower body muscle activation. Then, we created the p.3 to offer an even bigger range of motion, deeper activation and total-body toning in standing and on-the-mat movements.

And with all three together, you’ll experience the core of our It’s these three pieces of equipment that embody the purposeful movements that set our workouts apart from others—like a step and squeeze with the p.ball, a tricep pull with the and a knee driver with the p.3. 

Plus, you’ll get all three pieces together for $139.99—$20 less than if purchased separately. Shop now to start transforming in three revolutionary ways.

Order the Transform Kit here, then head to our streaming platform to put the equipment to use in workouts.