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Introducing: The Madness Challenge
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Introducing: The Madness Challenge

Maybe you need a jolt of motivation after those January resolutions slipped away. Maybe you’re just coming off of the Summit 60 Challenge and want to continue the momentum. Either way, we have your next move—and it’s The Madness Challenge.

The Madness Challenge is a 3-week studio and streaming challenge designed to push you to the test and up the intensity like never before. The challenge kicks off on Monday, March 16th and runs until Sunday, April 5th. Before you mark your calendar and set alerts on your phone, read up on the studio and streaming details below:

Streaming Challenge

The Workouts

Stream all 5 workouts per week from 3/16-4/5. Each round will intensify and incorporate new pieces of equipment for total-body results. At the end of every workout, you’ll find a Burnout Block—a series of higher intensity movements that really kicks things up a notch and brings the madness into play. Here, you’ll move faster, challenge your range of motion and squeeze deeper for an even bigger burn than before.

The Teams

Each week, you and your team will compete against three trainer teams—Team Blue (Zach and Chloe), Team Yellow (Dani and Jennings) and Team Pink (Lloyd and Maeve.) To advance to the next round in the challenge, simply complete all 5 workouts during the scheduled time period. 

Challenges are always better together, so be sure to refer a friend to join your team. For every new referral that signs up for the challenge, you’ll receive $5 in your account to be used toward your subscription. For every 5th sign up, you’ll receive an additional $5 credit in your account.

The Equipment

You’ll use every piece of the Ultimate P.volve Package throughout the course of the challenge—the p.ball,, light ankle weights, heavy ankle weights, light ankle band, heavy ankle band, gliders and the hand weights. 

Get the Ultimate P.volve Package plus one month of streaming for 20% off in preparation for the challenge.

The Prizes

Upon completing each round of the challenge, you’ll receive exclusive pieces of P.volve nutrition and fitness content.

Studio Challenge

The Workouts

Complete 5 workouts per week from 3/16-4/5 for a total of 15 workouts in 21 days. To get started, get 20% off class packages from 3/4-3/22. Plus, new clients get their first week unlimited for $36.

The Teams

While you won’t be competing against the same trainer teams as in streaming, you still have the chance to build your own team in the challenge. Invite friends to join classes with you through referrals. After receiving your personal invite link via email, share with friends and family for 50% off classes. Get a free class credit in your account for every sign up, and an additional $40 for every 10 friends who sign up.

The Prizes

Upon completing the challenge, you’ll get a 3-class credit in your account.

The Madness kicks off on 3/16, so start building your team today before signing up in studio or streaming. We can’t wait to get mad with you! 


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