Introducing Cardio Burn to the Summit 60

Back in November, we launched Cardio Burn as a way to safely and effectively increase your heart rate and get more burn in movements, all while staying under the umbrella of the P.volve method. 

With the faster pace of Cardio Burn movements comes more muscle engagement and quicker blocks of work in each workout. If you’ve tried the Cardio Burn series in streaming, you know what we mean. The series is four workouts that incorporate equipment and really challenge your body to move from the floor to standing, and help you understand how to use the glutes to “catch” the weight under tension. 

Now, you’ll be able to apply the same principles in the Summit 60 challenge. Cardio Burn is introduced to the challenge in your fifth week for a reason: we recommend trying the faster-paced workouts only after doing P.volve for about a month. And since you’ve been climbing for that amount of time (if not longer) we know you have the foundation to kick things up a notch in your workouts. The climb will be the same as it has been every step of the way—prioritizing form, incorporating equipment and progressively challenging your body—but just a little bit sweatier than usual. 

This week, you’ll work through two Cardio Burn workouts in addition to your regular p.sculpt and active recovery. In the first video, Angelo will show you how to move faster with the heavy ankle band and the without compromising form. You’ll notice in some cardio blocks that you’ll tackle a movement on both sides together before moving onto another, and that’s to keep up the quicker pace and get the entire body activated all together.

Weeks six and seven will become even more progressively challenging with cardio blocks. And as your form improves, you’ll begin to engage muscles even deeper. By the time week eight rolls around, you’ll be able to put everything together to target specific areas of the body.

Keep up your climb and use #WhyIClimb to share your motivation for climbing. Then, read more about P.volve and cardio here.