How We're Giving Back to Our Health Heroes

No matter what’s going on in the world, the one thing we can always come back to and do together is move.

With recent events and the impact of COVID-19, countless nurses, doctors, medical professionals and first responders have been risking their lives to help others. And to give back, we want to offer a small piece of relief and relaxation for every healthcare worker who needs it. Our method can’t provide more hours in a day for those working around the clock, but what it can provide is movement and peace of mind that can help make those days a little more bearable.

First, most healthcare workers are on their feet all day and not prioritizing their posture. Our movements aren’t just a workout; they’re deliberate ways to open the hips, move the pelvis and engage the core—all things that help improve your day-to-day posture. 

Plus, our recovery classes are crucial for relaxing the muscles, stretching or unwinding from a long day. It’s something we could all use, but especially so for our health heroes at this time. 

And last, the accessibility and convenience of our workouts. For any healthcare worker working overtime, finding workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere is of the utmost importance. That’s why we’re offering even more live classes (both on Instagram and Zoom) and rolling out new express workouts every week. Some are even just 10-15 minutes long—perfect in-between shifts or to get moving before the day starts. Plus, each focuses on a different area of the body and uses a mix of equipment and no-equipment movements.

To help put all of this into action, we’re offering monthly streaming for $4.99 (that's $15 off per month) and 30% off all equipment for every medical professional and first responder. Our goal isn’t to provide them with a new perfect workout routine, but instead to help each find small moments to give back to themselves in the same way they’ve been giving back to us.

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