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Making Moves in History in Honor of Pride
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Making Moves in History in Honor of Pride

We’re proud to share an open letter penned by one of our Master Trainers, Zach, about the significance of celebrating Pride in the past, how it has become even more resonant this year, and what the movement means to him. 

Hello beautiful humans!  

My name is Zach. I am a cisgendered gay man who was fortunate to be embraced into the world of theatre at a young age. It is there I found acceptance, self-love and empowerment. Theatre brought me to NYC and serendipitously into the arms of P.volve. I am honored to be a part of this family, and I am here to serve everyone who comes to my classes in person and online—to spread joy, love, and the healing power of movement. 

It is my favorite time of the year—Pride month. To me, Pride is a chance to celebrate the humans who dedicated their lives to equality and (for some) even lost their life to oppositional violence...just for being exactly who they were. Today, I stand with my P.volve community to raise the roof, to inform and to celebrate queer culture everywhere.

I was devastated with the cancellation of the NYC Pride parade and all the events scheduled for the summer. However, from the depths of COVID-19, the real meaning of Pride has re-emerged along with this incredible revolution for Black Lives Matter. 

Pride is returning to its roots as a revolution and a protest for equality and inclusion—no more capitalizing on this celebration with just rainbow colors. 51 years ago, outside of the Stonewall Inn in NYC, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people demanded to be treated fairly and fought for equality led by black transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson. I, as a white cisgendered gay man, owe my rights to the black trans women who began the fight for our freedom.

Revolutions begin with a deep-rooted need for change. Revolutions begin in a messy place, within the recesses of chaos. Revolutions begin because they are necessary, and they blossom because the marginalized are ignored and hunted. This Pride, we stand with our black brothers and sisters to demand no more killing of black men. No more dismembering and shooting of trans women. No more homophobia and discrimination. And most importantly, no more turning a blind eye to these injustices. We are not free until all of us are free.

I stand proudly on the shoulders of all those who gave their lives so that I might continue to search for my place in this world, that I might find my voice and honor my journey. This is the 50th year of our parade, and everyone is invited to the party.

I am blessed to be in the center of a family at P.volve that thrives on change, hope and revolution. I can't wait to keep moving, laughing and growing with you all.

- Zach

Join our special Pride event this Sunday at 11 a.m. EST. Zach will lead a live virtual class featuring music by “Artivist” DJ LiKWUiD, followed by a safe space for discussion. All proceeds from class will be donated to The Stonewall Foundation to support the LGBTQA+ movement.