How We're Celebrating Our Anniversary

Since our launch in 2017, we’ve grown so much—in our method, studio, streaming platform and more. And now, two years later, we're so excited to look back on our biggest moments as a company and fitness method.

“In April 2018 I joined the P.volve team, which only consisted of the founding leadership members and one additional employee in a cramped office in Chinatown, NY,” P.volve’s Marketing Manager, Rebecca Young Berkowitz, shared. “Since then, it’s been amazing to watch this brand and company grow – bringing our fitness method to users all over the globe and watching the innovative ideas come to life through truly effective products, and moving to a beautiful space that speaks to us as a brand in the heart of SoHo, NYC. Two years and nearly 60 employees later, and it amazes me how much we have grown not only as a brand but as a company.”

We've traveled to three countries—the U.S., UK and Canada where we’ve been able to share our method internationally. And domestically, we’ve popped up in 18 cities and set down roots in our new New York flagship (and are planning for more in 2020!)

Since launch, we’ve rolled out four new products—the p.ball,, slant board and p.3 trainer—and each has allowed our community to keep working past their goals. Plus, since launching our app in 2018, we’ve been able to provide thousands of users with access to on-demand workouts wherever they go. We’re even rolling out new updates that will be coming shortly.

“Being able to watch the team grow from 4-5 people to over 50 has been constantly exciting and inspiring,” P.volve’s Community Manager, Ali McCowan, added. “We’re a team that fully believes in what we’re doing and is passionate about the brand because we love that we’re changing people’s lives daily.”

So much of that success comes from the one-on-one relationship between client and instructor. Since our beginning, we've grown from just 2 instructors to 15, and with each addition, we continually gain even more professional insight, fitness expertise and passion for the method.

In celebration of our anniversary, enjoy free global shipping on all orders through 11/14. We can’t wait to keep evolving with you!