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Mix Up Your Home Workouts with Alternative Equipment Moves
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Mix Up Your Home Workouts with Alternative Equipment Moves

When it comes to home gym equipment, there’s always more than meets the eye. 

That’s especially true of our equipment. Take the p.ball, for instance. We’ve used it countless times between our thighs for that good glute burn, but there are even more lesser-known ways to use it for other parts of your body. 

Many of our pieces of equipment get you more than what you bargained for. Plus, getting more out of your equipment means adding versatility up your at-home workouts whenever possible. Take note of each instruction below. 

With the p.ball:

Use the p.ball in hands in one of two ways: hold the ball and squeeze during movements to engage biceps and back, or press out against the resistance bands to work the outer arms and triceps.

Strap the p.ball around your ankles for leg squeeze that sculpt deeper into the thighs.

Use the p.ball in tabletop position. Rest your hand on top of it and engage through the core to balance during leg lifts and planks.

With the p.3 trainer:

Use the 3-lb. resistance ball on its own during a warm up or for added arm resistance during workouts.

With the

When kneeling, keep one glove of the secure and the other under your opposite knee for a more targeted bicep reach.

With the slant board:

Keep the slant board behind, in front or to the side of you to act as a marker during toe taps. 

Use the slant board instead of the floor or mat during plank work for added elevation.

Keep the slant board down flat to act as a mini step for work with ankle weights, ankle bands and more.

During recovery, use the angle of the slant board for a deep calf stretch.

With the Precision Foam Roller:

Use the foam roller in hands for an added 2 lbs. of resistance and to help with posture and shoulder alignment.

Stand the roller upright and use as a guide for leg lifts, rainbows and toe taps.

Squeeze the foam roller between the inner thighs for more muscle activation during p.sits.

With the gliders:

For movements on the mat, keep one glider under your stationary knee for extra cushioning. 

During recovery, use a glider to reach longer in a forward fold and side stretching. 

Keep an eye out for these alternate ways to use your equipment in the Summit 60, the Madness Challenge and more streaming videos. Or, check out how to make your at-home routines work for you.