How to Use the Precision Foam Roller in Three Versatile Ways

The more time you spend doing our workouts, the more you’ll realize how versatile our movements and equipment are.

The same is true of our newest piece of equipment, the Precision Foam RollerUnlike other rollers, our roller isn’t just for relaxing muscles after an intense workout. Instead, it works as an additional piece of equipment that can be used in a number of movements.

Below, watch and learn the 3 ways to put the roller to work:

1. Use as a guide for proper form. 

Hitting some leg lifts? Stand your foam roller up to make sure you’re staying in proper form for every repetition. 

2. Use as an added resistance tool.

The Precision Foam Roller will give you 2.4 pounds of added weight when in hand. Plus, the structure will help keep your shoulders rolled down and back.

3. Use as an essential recovery tool.

Gently roll lower body over the foam roller on rest and recovery days. The added ridges are ideal for myofascial release and increased circulation throughout the body.

Shop the Precision Foam Roller here before putting it to use in streaming and within the Summit 60 challenge workouts.