How to Tone The Underarm

I receive questions every day about how to tone different areas of the body-- the abs, the inner thighs, the glutes, the usual prospects. But then I got a question about something deemed the “batwing,” and I was stumped for a moment. Either I totally spaced out during that day of high school biology, or this was the nickname for the latest fitness woe trending on social media (hint: you already know).

Luckily, the “batwing,” aka the under arm, happens to be a part of the body that I have already spent much of my time learning to master. A problem area for so many women that hardly any other workout actually targets, I knew there had to be an innovative yet simple approach to this pain point.

My goal has always been to tone the body without adding size; building muscle as strong and contoured as stone, yet keeping it small and proportionate to your body. With this in mind, the P.volve program is void of all bicep curls, tricep extensions and most other traditional arm workouts. Rather, I have developed a series of exercises to tone the arm muscles using nothing more than your own body weight, light hand weights (and I mean light, no more than 2.5 lbs, ladies!) and my latest invention-- the new arm band. Much like my P.ball, this arm band (, click here to learn more) functions like a chisel, sculpting out the arms, shoulders, and part of the back without creating any bulk or inflammation.

Every exercise that we do in P.volve is multi-functional and highly efficient, targeting several parts of the body all at once. The moves involving this new piece of equipment are no exception. The enables my clients to erase those batwings, while lengthening and tightening the entire rest of the arm and shoulders-- one and done. It has a similar toning effect on the biceps and triceps as the ankle band has on the thighs and hip; the fundamental concept is the same. Taking the hands, arms, and shoulders though a series of natural motions while adding resistance yields incredible results, and the proof is in the pudding.

P.volve is a one-of-a-kind  fitness program with roots in functional training, and goals of carving out each individual’s natural shape. By offering in-studio classes, personal training, and online streaming memberships, P.volve is truly the workout that is as mobile as you are. To pre-order the, or purchase any other equipment used in our workouts, please visit our online shop here.

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