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How To Take The Perfect Before & After Photos
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How To Take The Perfect Before & After Photos

P.volve, unlike other fitness methods, is fully committed to results—ones you can see and feel after each and every workout. For some, tracking progress comes in the form of daily weigh-ins or measuring, but our P.volvers get the most satisfaction out of taking before and after photos.

Before and after photos aren't just about physical comparisons; they're crucial for tracking progress and seeing visible changes in muscle definition. Plus, they let you see how far you come, how much stronger you are, and what left you have to achieve.

Taking these photos properly is key so you can get the most accurate representation of your progress! Read on for tips on pose, form, and lighting.

How to take the perfect before and after:

1. Take full body shots in good lighting, preferably natural. 

2. Stand against a plain background so the focal point is on your body, not your well-decorated space.

3. Wear similar form-fitted clothing or swimwear for each photo along the way.

4. Keep your stance consistent—ideally, with arms on the hips to get the most well-rounded view.

5. Take photos facing front, back, and sideways so you can see your body from all angles instead of just one.

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