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How to Prioritize Nutrition During The Summit 60 Challenge
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How to Prioritize Nutrition During The Summit 60 Challenge

You hear it all the time: A good diet is just as important as a good workout. It’s true no matter what program you’re following, and especially so during a New Year fitness challenge like the Summit 60.

The Summit 60, which just kicked off this week, is an 8-week program designed to elevate you to peak performance. Over the course of the 60 days, you’ll complete 36 workouts (in studio or in streaming), starting with the most foundational, fundamental workouts and advancing up the summit with more challenging movements. The program utilizes every single piece of P.volve equipment for dynamic moves, full-body toning and real results.

To go along with your workouts, we’ve partnered with Hungryroot to offer you the best ingredients to make the healthiest meals. You share your dietary restrictions and preferences, and Hungryroot will act as a personalized grocery service to deliver ingredients right to your doorstep. Then, you’re able to use the carefully curated products to cook anything of your choosing, including their suggested recipes that take as little as 10 minutes.

Prioritizing nutrition during the challenge requires a few things:

  1. Quality ingredients  
  2. Preparation 
  3. Consistency 

And that’s exactly what Hungryroot offers. Just like with the Summit 60, there’s no guesswork with the service. You know you’re getting the best quality food approved by Hungryroot’s team of experts and chefs. Plus, you’ll be able to explore new products and find countless recipes to fuel every workout.

Upon signing up for the challenge, participants get 30% off all orders over $99. That means a big discount on quality ingredients like the freshest produce, proteins, pantry items and everything in between. Even better, you’ll get a free almond chickpea cookie dough in every order to satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the challenge.

During the challenge period of 1/1-2/29, participants can view P.volve-approved ingredients. These ingredients are based on P.volve’s nutritional standards and are in accordance with what we’d cook and eat ourselves a daily basis—like Seasoned Grilled Chicken Breast, Butternut Squash Noodles and Roasting Vegetables with Herbs. These ingredients are the base of the preparation needed to meal prep or make healthy meals to last you through the week.

Last but not least, when you complete all 36 workouts, you’ll receive a $30 credit to shop for more with Hungryroot. That way, you can stay consistent with your healthy meals even after the challenge is over.

For additional information from Hungryroot, visit their FAQ page or read more about their philosophy here. Then, be sure to shop for equipment for the challenge before signing up.