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How to Make a Habit Out of Meal Planning
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How to Make a Habit Out of Meal Planning

Challenges may come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the healthy habits you developed during them need to go with it. 

During the Summit 60 Challenge, we shared ways you could optimize your workouts throughout the entire 8-week time period. And even better, we were able to partner with someone who offered nutrition guidance, too. We worked with Hungryroot to give streamers easy access to healthy ingredients for healthy meals. The personalized grocery service curates a weekly delivery to your door, plus shows you the best and most versatile ways to use the ingredients you’re given—like with this Grilled Chicken Salad and this Roasted Veggie Bowl.

If it taught us one thing, it’s that planning is key for staying on track, and we want to keep the momentum going for everyone who found success in the challenge. Read on to learn about how to make your meal planning habits last.

Stock up.

Anything is possible with a stocked pantry. Be sure you have your favorites and essentials handy at all times so meal prep is always an option.

Build the foundation.

Make a big batch of a grain like quinoa or brown rice to keep as the base of veggie bowls for lunch and dinner throughout the week.

Keep it consistent.

To make a habit out of something, you have to do it consistently. Set a day and time each week that’s your designated shopping hour, or rely on a delivery service like Hungryroot to hand-pick your groceries for you.

Make your ingredients versatile.

Don’t think of your meal prep as one size fits all items. Think of how you can use a veggie in more than one way for breakfast, lunch and dinner to save you time and money.

For additional information from Hungryroot, visit their FAQ page or read more about their philosophy here. Summit 60 finishers, be sure to look out for the $30 credit in your account.