How to Incorporate Therabody Into Your Recovery Routine

Prioritizing your recovery days is just as important as making your workouts happen. Not only does rest allow us to slow down and unwind, but it can help treat the muscles from soreness or overactivity—no matter what your activity level is.

Luckily, P.volve workouts aren’t the kind that wear the body down. Instead, every no-pain movement serves a purpose that’s good for your body in one way or another. But just because our workouts are hurt-free doesn’t mean they’re not intense. And that burn-so-good feeling during butt presses, leg lifts and everything in between can have you feeling like you need a little something extra to unwind with—something like a handheld, deep-muscle massage.

Therabody’s line of percussive devices are the perfect compliment to our workouts for a few different reasons.

First, the rapid pressure from the device works deep into the muscles to relieve tension and soreness wherever needed, like big P.volve focus areas such as the glutes, quads and arms. Plus, it offers a customizable speed that you can control to help recover on your own terms, much like our workouts. It fits seamlessly into a P.volve routine, whether you need to relieve muscle tension from a Cardio Burn class or just everyday tightness.

Our Master Trainer Maeve McEwen finds it especially useful during her active recovery workouts.

“Therabody's Theragun can be used before a P.volve session to help stimulate your muscles and prepare the body for movement, or it can be used after to release toxins and aid in your recovery,” she says. “Recovering doesn't mean you have to completely rest your body from movement,” she says. “Active recovery is a wonderful way to increase oxygen and blood flow to your recovering muscles while flushing away lactic acid.”  

Read more about recovery routines here, or get access to at-home workouts with a 14-day free streaming trial.