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How the p.ball Differs From Other Workout Balls
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How the p.ball Differs From Other Workout Balls

If you’ve ever taken one of our signature sculpted classes in studio or streamed a workout from home, you’ve most likely encountered our most popular piece of equipment—the p.ball. It’s an inflated ball and elastic band that turns on every muscle in the glutes and properly tones the entire lower body without loading the weight into your thighs. 

The equipment is revolutionary, but you might be wondering how the p.ball’s design leads to results that are different from other workout balls on the fitness scene. Workout balls, in general, are a great way to target specific body parts, get a better range of motion, and improve stability and balance. The p.ball does these things, but goes even a few steps further which sets it apart from every other ball on the market.

First and foremost, it offers the greatest range of motion 
Most standard pilates or medicine balls don’t have an elastic band around it, which requires more intense work in your legs to hold the ball up. With an elastic band around the ball, however, you’re able to move more freely, expand your range of motion, and create length in your legs instead of bulk. The elastic band also allows for extra resistance with each movement that goes beyond just using your own body weight. Plus, it lets you sit upright properly for optimal engagement and definition. 

Second, it actually lets your glute muscles squeeze. 
Speaking of the glutes, the p.ball lets you work in an inward and outward motion, allowing you to target your inner and outer glutes all in one. With each movement, you can actually feel these muscles turn on (sometimes for the first time!) and you can constantly find new ways to target them through our workouts.

It offers total support of the hips.
The elastic strap on the p.ball is the ultimate support for the hips. With the strap, you’re able to perform movements that let you internally and externally rotate and open the hips in ways you never felt before.

It’s completely customizable.
One of the best parts of the p.ball: it can be completely altered to fit your exact specifications. The strap has a few different clasps and comes with an extender so you can choose your own resistance. (Our trainers recommend the tightest clasp, but modifications are always welcome.)

And speaking of customizable, p.ball workouts aren’t just for lower body. From time to time, our trainers will switch things up and hold the p.ball in hand for a different way to tone the arms, like in our Body Tone with the p.ball streaming video. After that, go for our beginner workout Activating with Ease for even more booty work.

Want to try it out for yourself? Purchase the before trying it in studio or at home